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DJ Gear and Protective Equipment

Explore Gator’s selection of DJ gear and protective equipment and find what you need to take your show on the road. You can use our case finder to determine which bags and cases fit your gear. 

DJ Travel Gear

Gator has travel gear that will help you stay organized and protect your equipment on the road. Browse our selection for the ideal DJ accessories when packing light or carrying your entire setup.


Our hardshell cases are the most protective and durable products for DJs. Browse our DJ cases to find rugged offerings made from plywood or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. Our cases for mixers, controllers, turntables, headphones and speakers are hard on the outside and soft on the inside to absorb shock and protect your hardware.


Lighten your load with a bag from Gator. Our DJ bags are lightweight nylon shells with straps, accessory pockets and handles that make your gear easier to manage. Choose a backpack or messenger bag for your controller, then pack your speakers and speaker separately for safety. We also offer studio monitor bags for the gear you keep at home. 


A cover is a flexible piece of fabric that slips over your DJ setup to deflect dust. You can find Gator travel covers for your mixer and speakers

Utility Carts

Save yourself a few trips while loading or unloading by purchasing a DJ utility cart. Use your utility cart to quickly and easily move your speakers, stands and other equipment into the venue. 

DJ Stage and Studio Gear

Shop with Gator to find gear that improves your stage presence. We also carry solutions to streamline your flow during gigs and in the studio. 


You can find Gator stands to use during performances and at home. Our stage stands feature aluminum frames with telescoping poles and adjustable tripod legs. Find a Gator dealer to purchase loudspeaker stands, light fixture stands and display screen stands that ensure professionalism on stage. 

When you’re working on your set at home, use studio monitor stands to support your speakers. We offer unique desktop stands, floor stands and stand furniture

Stand Covers 

Sharpen your stage presence by covering your aluminum speaker stands with speaker stand covers. A speaker stand cover is a cloth that drapes over and conceals the stand. Our speaker stand covers are available in numerous colors so you can find one that suits the environment. 

Utility Tables

Save time and find peace of mind every gig by using a DJ utility table from Gator. Our utility tables are stable, collapsible surfaces for your DJ equipment. These tables are easy to set up and tear down, and you can trust them to support your valuable gear for your entire performance. 

Equipment by Category 

With Gator, you can find cases, bags, covers, stands and more for specific gear. Browse our catalog online for the DJ equipment we design for:

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Gator has over a decade of experience developing a diverse range of equipment for DJs. Music industry professionals and amateurs alike appreciate our offerings for their versatility, durability and convenience. You can find Gator products worldwide, so use our dealer locator to see which stores and websites carry our lines.