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Computer, Projector and Tablet Protection

Gator has travel and workflow solutions for computers, tablets and projectors. We manufacture cases, bags and stands for your electronic equipment. Our cases and bags offer unique ways to carry and protect your gear, while stands streamline your process when you get to work. Find an online dealer or nearby retailer to purchase projector, tablet or computer protection solutions. 

Computer, Projector and Tablet Cases

Hard cases are the most protective travel option for any computer, tablet or projector. Gator hard cases are durable trunks made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. The ABS shell acts as armor for your device, preventing damage and blocking moisture when you need the most protection. The inside features foam padding to absorb shock. We include removable foam pieces so you can ensure a snug fit for devices of any size. 

Computer, Projector and Tablet Bags

Softshell bags are the best choice when carrying your computer, tablet or projector from place to place. Our bags feature lightweight, malleable materials so they’re easy to carry. You can hold your bag in one hand from its fabric handles or sling it over your shoulder using an adjustable strap. The nylon exterior saves equipment from scratches and moisture. Pockets on the outside allow space for cables and other accessories. Gator bags are available for laptops, computer screens, projectors and tablets. 

Computer, Projector and Tablet Stands

We manufacture stands that elevate your device to the ideal height and keep it there safely. Gator stands are versatile tools that work well in the office or on stage. 

Our stands feature durable aluminum frames for structural integrity alongside soft pads to protect the outside of your device. There are three options to choose from — tripod stands, desktop stands and clamping stands. Tripod stands rest on the ground and lift up to eye level. Desktop stands sit on top of any flat surface. Clamping stands attach to the side of a desk and hold your device on an adjustable arm. 

Trust Gator With Your Devices

At Gator, we pay attention to the important details to develop cases, bags and stands worthy of your valuable equipment. You can trust our products to offer the durability you need in any situation, along with intuitive designs that blend seamlessly into your workflow. 

You can buy a stand, case or bag through Gator dealers worldwide. Shop online with your preferred retailer to order a travel solution to your door, or find local shops carrying our equipment to check it out in person. We encourage you to use our dealer locator to see various online and in-store options.