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Amp Cases, Bags and Stands

Shop online for guitar amp travel solutions from Gator Cases. We produce various types of cases, stands and bags for amplifier heads, speaker cabinets and combo amps. You can purchase our amp cases and bags online and through local dealers worldwide. 

Amp Cases

We build amp cases using plywood or polyethylene (PE) to maximize protection. Our amp tour cases withstand the bumps and thuds that happen on the road between gigs. Casters on the bottom allow you to roll your case to the stage. Simply remove the lid when you’re ready to play — the amp can stay in the bottom of the case during your performance. 

Amp Bags

An amp bag is ideal when traveling light or locally. Our amp transit bags are nylon liners that protect your amp’s finish from scratches and light moisture. Hand grips, telescoping handles and wheels increase mobility during loading and loading. Many of our amp cases feature exterior pockets for accessories.

Amp Stands

Whether you’re onstage or in your home studio, you want to protect your amp and hear it at its best. An amp stand will get it safely off the floor and give it an upward tilt for tonal clarity and ease of access. We have stand options ranging from collapsible models to heavy-duty amp furniture in various finishes.    

Transport and Tour Protection 

Amp cases and bags offer unique features that suit different situations. Choose an amp bag for convenient transportation and an amp case to maximize protection. 

When to Use an Amp Bag

Use a bag for your amp during local travel. Slipping your amp into a bag will make it easier to haul this heavy equipment to and from your vehicle. Our amp bags have padded handles on the sides, and some models have wheels and telescoping handles for easy rolling. Amp bags for guitar heads include shoulder straps that keep your hands free. 

When to Use an Amp Case 

Use an amp case when protecting your amplifier is the top priority. Our cases feature rigid materials like heavy-duty plywood and PE that will keep your amp safe in a crowded touring van and offer maximum moisture resistance. There’s an amp case for any head, combo or cabinet, so use our case finder to select the right model for your gear. 

When to Use an Amp Stand

An amp stand is a great investment for any musician. Along with angling the sound up at you for better perception, it makes reviewing and accessing your settings much easier. Perhaps most important, it gets the amp off the floor — vital if you regularly practice in a basement or play venues with a risk of spills. 

Why Gator Cases

The road to success in the music industry is often bumpy, so protect your amp with Gator Cases. Your amp projects your sound throughout the room while also playing a significant role in your band’s stage presence. Our cases protect against collisions and moisture to prevent damage to your amp’s internal hardware or external finish. When you go with a Gator, you can count on our dependable materials and manufacturing to withstand the bumpiest journeys between gigs. 

Find a Dealer 

Ready to purchase a reliable, convenient case, stand or bag for your amplifier? You can find amplifier storage solutions through Gator Cases dealers online and around the globe. Check out our convenient dealer locator to see where you can purchase a Gator case or bag.