In-Ear Systems

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IEM system bag

Bag to accommodate half rack wireless “In Ear” monitoring system. Storage for transmitter, ear buds, receiver body back, and power supply

Waterproof In Ear Wireless Case

Titan Series Waterproof Injection Molded Case with Foam Insert In Ear Monitoring System and Accessories


In-Ear Monitoring System Cases and Bags

Carry your in-ear monitoring system in an IEM storage case or bag from Gator. Our travel options offer unique ways for you to transport your IEMs. Use a bag for your standard local travel, then a hard case when driving or flying with the entire band. Gator IEM travel cases and bags are available in stores and online through reputable Gator dealers.

Travel Solutions for Your IEMs

Purchasing in-ear monitors is a big step for any band. Once you have them, you realize how amazing it is to hear yourself, your bandmates and your backing tracks clearly without a noisy stage monitor.

Whether you just purchased in-ear monitors or they’ve been a stage plot staple for years, a reliable travel case is a must-have accessory. At Gator, we offer hardshell IEM cases and softshell IEM bags that offer advantages in different situations.

In-Ear Monitoring System Hardshell Case

An in-ear monitor case is a hardshell travel option for your IEM system. Our cases have a rugged injection molded exterior that prevents damage from bumps, drops and water exposure. The inside features soft foam that holds the IEM gear in place and absorbs shock. The Easy Release Powerclaw™ Latching System secures the gear inside your case while a soft handle makes it easier to carry.

Choose a hardshell case when packing for heavy-duty travel or long-term storage. 

In-Ear Monitoring System Protective Bags

An IEM bag is a softshell travel option that prioritizes mobility. You’ll carry your IEM system to gigs with ease thanks to a lightweight design and adjustable shoulder strap. Exterior pockets give space for spare cables, earplugs and other accessories. Beyond mobility, IEM bags offer protection through thick interior padding.

Use a bag when traveling light to your gig or carrying your system across town. 

Why Trust Gator for Your Equipment?

Professional entertainers and production companies worldwide choose Gator for their IEMs. Our protective cases and portable bags impress with intuitive features and dependable construction. You can count on our products to make your life easier on gig day so that you can give the performance your all.

Our customer service team has your back, and our Limited Lifetime Warranty has your case covered. With reputable dealers carrying our products all around the world, there’s always a Gator in your corner. 

Find a Dealer

A rugged IEM case or lightweight IEM is a valuable addition to any performer’s toolkit. You can find reliable IEM travel and storage solutions through Gator dealers worldwide. You can use our dealer locator tool to see the local shops and online retailers that carry our products.