We hear what we are doing to the planet, and we are dedicated to playing our part in this symphony to make a better future world through sustainability initiatives, social impact and taking care of our people.

The roots of Gator come from our mission to make meaningful products that allow our customers to pursue their passions. We recognize part of a “meaningful” mission is how these products affect the environment and how we actively work to ensure there is a healthy future where passions can be pursued. 

We are committed to a journey of constant improvement to have the least impact possible on the earth and to positively influence our community.

• In 2024, we will launch a circular strategy for Gator Rotationally Molded products. These are our USA Made products and can be easily returned to Gator’s USA plant at no cost at the end of their product life cycle for recycling. 

• We will continuously increase post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in our packaging. With a goal of 25% by Jan-2025 and increasing each year thereafter. 

• By 2025, 70%+ of all Gator packaging will be recyclable. This means working toward elimination of plastic films and plastic foams in all our packing materials, since these materials are not commonly recyclable by end users at the local level. 

• Our goal is to eliminate plastic polybags from more than 80% of Gator Frameworks product packaging by 2025. This will apply to items where recyclable paper bagging is a suitable alternative to plastic. 

• We will seek to increase our use of preferred materials in our products such as Recycled Nylon and Polyester in bags and OEKO-TEX Certified Fabrics year on year.

• As we ideate each new Gator product, we will analyze and understand how to best incorporate sustainability through responsible material selection, form factors that reduce size and weight to lessen shipping costs and environmental impact of transport, using recyclable packaging materials, and maximizing the long useful life of our products.

• Gator’s primary Tier 1 suppliers are SEDEX SMETA Pillar 2 Audited and Certified. In 2024, we plan to complete SMETA Pillar 4 Audits and Certification. This includes Labor Standards, Health and Safety, Environmental Performance, and Business Ethics.

SMETA stands for “Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit” and is an ethical audit methodology that encompasses all aspects of responsible business practice. SMETA is the most widely used social audit in the world. It was designed to enable businesses to evaluate working conditions within their supply chain. Gator is proud to support this program.

• PFOS and PFOA have never been intentionally added and will not be found in our products. These “forever chemicals” have recently been subject to strict regulations by the US Environmental Protection Agency limiting production and importation. 

• REACH and RoHS environmental standards are in place for all Gator products. These are important European chemical standards and lead the way in terms of governmental action to safeguard health, safety, and a clean environment for future generations.