Speaker Stands

Speaker Stands

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Speaker StandsĀ 

Shop online for Gator speaker stands. We have a wide selection of floor speaker stands for live settings and desktop speaker stands to use in the studio. Our speaker stands are available through various online retailers and local stores, so browse our inventory to find the right stand for your speakers.

Speaker Stands From GatorĀ 

The height at which you position your speakers will affect how far they can project sound. You invested a lot of money in your speakers, so purchase equipment that helps them sound their best.Ā 

A reliable set of speaker stands will hold your PA speakers or studio monitors where you need them to be. All the while, you’ll trust that your speakers are safe on a stable perch that will hold its ground even if bumped.Ā 

Gator manufactures numerous types of stands for PA speakers and studio monitors, so browse our inventory to find the right fit for your needs.Ā 

Stands for PA SpeakersĀ 

Whether you’re performing with the band or DJing a night at the club, you’ll sound your best when your speakers tower high in the sky. Gator speaker stands will elevate your equipment to the ideal height while ensuring stability.Ā 

Our aluminum speaker stands are strong and sturdy, meaning you can trust them to hold your delicate powered speakers or heavy unpowered speakers at the same height the entire gig. The wide tripod bases create a low center of gravity so the stands will remain upright even as you raise them to their highest levels.Ā 

Bringing a subwoofer along for extra bass? Save space by purchasing a Gator sub pole that will allow you to mount your speaker on top of the sub.Ā 

After the gig, simplify teardown by loading your stands into our lightweight bags with comfortable carrying handles.Ā 

Stands for Studio MonitorsĀ 

When you’re mixing in the studio, you want your monitor configuration to facilitate clear playback and a smooth workflow. The stands you choose for your studio monitors can help you hear intricate sonic details and ensure you easily navigate your studio space. Purchase Gator studio monitor stands to optimize your studio control room.

Gator offers multiple types of studio monitor stands so that you can customize your space how you see fit. These stands feature padded plates that hold speakers and prevent them from sliding.Ā 

Shop with us for floor stands that raise and lower to your desired height. Our standard and clamp-on desktop speaker stands raise speakers to ear level while freeing floor space. We also manufacture wall-mount monitor stands to keep your desk clear. Need a couple of extra inches or relief from pesky vibrations? Our studio monitor isolation pads are thick foam sheets that decouple the monitors from their stands.Ā 

Choose Gator for Speaker StandsĀ 

Gator is a trusted manufacturer with more than two decades of experience constructing equipment that helps musicians make the most of their gear. Our sturdy studio monitor and PA system stands offer the durability and ease of use you need for your gigs and studio sessions. We back our manufacturing with a three-year warranty to give you total confidence in your speaker stands.Ā 

You can purchase Gator speaker stands online and in stores worldwide.Ā Find a dealerĀ so that you can buy speaker stands worthy of honors, like the Winter NAMM Gotta Stock It Award.Ā