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Band and Orchestra Cases and Stands and Accessories

Gator Cases has everything you need to organize your band’s gear and prepare for a fantastic performance. Browse our selection of cases, stands and accessories for bands and orchestras at every level. 

Band Instrument Equipment

Shop with a Gator Cases dealer to pick up essential band and orchestra equipment. We offer gear that simplifies rehearsals and performances. We also provide band instrument accessories that promote safety while playing. 

Masks and Bell Covers 

Prevent the spread of germs by using masks and bell covers from Gator Cases. Our face masks cover the wearer’s mouth and nose while resting. The wearer can open a flap in the mask when it’s time to play their brass or woodwind instrument. Bell covers are pieces of fabric for the end of the instrument that prevent moisture from exiting the horn. We offer filtered bell covers, nonfiltered covers and interchangeable bell cover filters. 


Our instrument and sheet music stands help facilitate organized rehearsals and performances. Browse our selection of band and orchestra instrument stands that provide a safe place to rest an instrument between compositions. We also offer sturdy music stands that adjust to the performers’ height whether seated or standing. 

Orchestra Instrument Cases and Bags

Your next performance is right around the corner, which means you’ll soon travel with your instrument. Do you have a travel solution that offers the protection and convenience you need? 

Gator manufactures cases and bags for band and orchestra instruments. Cases offer premier protection, while bags are the easiest to transport. Count on a case or bag when traveling with orchestra instruments like flutes, violins, trumpets and saxophones. 

Our orchestra instrument cases feature exterior materials like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic and nylon. On the inside, we fill our cases with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam lined with synthetic fur. Band and orchestra gig bags feature nylon exteriors with interior cotton lining. We maximize mobility by including padded straps and handles. 

You can find cases and bags by instrument through our site. 

Bags Versus Cases 

Orchestra bags and cases are distinct products that are best for different situations. Choose a case to prioritize protection and a bag to ensure mobility. 

The chance of damaging your instrument is the highest when you’re packing it into a full vehicle or storage closet, as high pressure or a collision could dent or crack your instrument. Cases feature rigid exterior materials and padded interiors to minimize risk.

A gig bag is a great choice when carrying your instrument. Students often carry their instruments with them all day, walking long distances in the process. Instrument bags include straps and handles that are easier on the body during busy days, making them an ideal lightweight travel solution. 

Why Gator Cases?

Gator Cases is an experienced and innovative manufacturer of equipment and accessories for orchestras. Bands and orchestras worldwide count on us for reliable manufacturing and a wide range of player-first solutions. Our equipment facilitates smooth rehearsals and recitals where every musician can perform at their best. 

You can find our equipment and accessories online and in stores worldwide, so find a dealer today to purchase yours.