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Mic Stands

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Mic Stands

Whether you’re the lead singer, a backing vocalist or hosting a podcast, you can buy a dependable microphone stand from Gator. Browse our inventory for a wide range of mic stands fit for the stage or your desk. Gator’s standard, boom and desktop microphone stands are available online and in stores, so purchase yours today! 

Mic Stands From Gator 

At Gator, we manufacture rugged mic stands that provide a sturdy support system for your valuable microphones. Our aluminum stands offer road-worthy strength and a sleek appearance that will give your production a professional look. 

Gator mic stands feature circular or tripod bases to accommodate your stability needs and spacial constraints. We also manufacture boom mic stands that clip securely to flat surfaces. 

Each Gator microphone stands telescopes for optimal versatility. Purchase a full-size stand with a boom arm for the furthest reach or choose a foot-high table mic stand for tight spaces. 

Shop with Gator for the following:

  • Tripod mic stands
  • Round-base mic stands 
  • Desk mic stands
  • Desktop boom mic stands
  • Bass drum and amplifier mic stands

Mic Stand Accessories 

Staying focused helps you perform your best on the stage or in the studio, so choose a mic stand that gives you peace of mind. At Gator, we design mic stand accessories that keep everything you need within arm’s reach so you’ll spend less mental energy searching for what you need and more on your performance. 

Shop with Gator for mic stand trays to hold your drink, tuner, capo and any other tools you need for your performance. We also design instrument hanger attachments so you can safely place your guitar nearby when it’s time for your vocals to take center stage. After the show, pack your stands into a Gator mic stand bag. 

Choose a Mic Stand That Helps You Perform at Your Best 

Gator designs microphone stands for every situation. We’re passionate about connecting musicians, sound technicians, radio producers and all audio entertainers with mic stands that fit their applications:

  • Tripod mic stands: A low, wide base capable of supporting long boom arms. Use a tripod stand when holding an instrument while singing, positioning overhead mics.
  • Round-base mic stands: A low-profile base that uses extra weight to create stability. Round-base stands create floor space on the stage for singers. 
  • Desk mic stands and boom stands: Available with clip-on attachments or round bases. These stands rest on flat surfaces without cluttering the nearby floor space. 
  • Bass drum and amp mics: Short stands with study tripod bases or base plates. These stands can reach low guitar arms, bass amps and kick drums while leaving as much floor space open as possible. 

Purchase Gator Mic Stands

Gator is a music equipment manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience designing gear that will optimize your workflow. You can trust our stands to secure your valuable microphones and maintain their position for consistent placement when performing or capturing audio. We manufacture microphone stands featuring intuitive designs and sturdy manufacturing that we back with a three-year warranty. 

Browse our current selection and purchase your Gator mic stand online from a retailer you trust. Our stands are also available in stores worldwide, so find a dealer today!