Laptop & Projector Stands

Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
Heavy-Duty Adjustable Media Tray Stand

Frameworks Heavy-Duty Adjustable Media Tray with Tripod Stand

Compact Adjustable Media Tray Stand

Frameworks Compact Adjustable Media Tray with Tripod Stand

Gator 360 Degree Articulating DJARM (Desk Mount)

Gator 360 degree articulating G-ARM. Desk mountable

Space Saving Collapsible Desktop Laptop Stand

Portable Desktop Laptop/DJ Controller Stand with Fixed Height

Tripod Laptop And Projector Stand

Laptop & Projector Tripod Stand with Height & Tilt Adjustment

Desktop Laptop And Accessory Stand

Universal Laptop Desktop Stand with Adjustable Height & Weighted Base

Clampable Laptop And Accessory Stand

Clampable Universal Laptop Desktop Stand with Adjustable Height


Laptop Stands and Media Trays

Browse Gator’s catalog of lightweight portable laptop stands and media trays. Gator devices are designed to improve your workflow and last through years of travel. You can find our products online and in stores worldwide, so use our dealer locator to discover the most convenient supplier for your life. 

Adjustable Trays for Laptops 

Gator laptop trays are sturdy platforms for your personal computer. Each product provides a spacious laptop platform that tilts and rotates to the position that’s most comfortable for you. The trays attach to an adjustable pole so you can change the height to the ideal level. Many of our products double as portable adjustable projector stands. Check out our selection to find three types of stands: 

Tripod Stands

Tripod stands are collapsible devices that stand on the ground and raise your computer to eye level. As lightweight, compact devices, tripod stands are some of the most portable computer stands available. You can use them at home or take them on the road with you for on-stage performances or conferences. 

Clamp Stands

Clamp stands attach to flat surfaces such as desks. There are two types of clamp stands — those with a straight pole and those with an articulating arm. The stands with a straight pole raise and lower to your preferred height. A stand with an articulating arm offers 360 degrees of motion in addition to height adjustment. 

Desktop Stands

Desktop stands rest on top of a flat surface like a desk. Some desktop stands feature a weighted base with a telescoping pole. Others are collapsible but stay at a fixed height. Each features a lightweight, compact design that results in a product ideal for use at home and on the road. 

Why Gator? 

At Gator, we develop reliable products that offer the strength and versatility you need. You can count on our stands to meet your expectations and continue performing for years. 

Our stands feature premier materials that we implement within designs that will improve your workflow. Count on us for fantastic manufacturing worthy of our Limited Lifetime Warranty and excellent customer service from representatives who care. 

We have more than a decade of experience designing and manufacturing products that impress. Music industry professionals across many genres trust Gator products for their gear, so find a computer stand at a dealer near you. 

Find a Dealer 

Our adjustable laptop stands will help you work with more comfort and efficiency than ever before so you can let your creativity flow. Gator’s portable adjustable projector stands are available around the world, so find a dealer to see online retailers and local stores that carry our products.