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Laptop, Projector, Phone and Tablet Stands

Gator is the premier brand for laptop, projector, phone and tablet stands. Browse our catalog of adjustable stands for your electronic devices. You can count on Gator products for quality manufacturing, durable materials and dependable performance. Our stands are available worldwide, so find a dealer to buy yours. 

Adjustable Stands for Your Electronic Devices

Our adjustable stands for electronic devices are pieces of equipment that hold your device in the air. We build sturdy stands using durable materials like steel. Each stand has a feature that allows you to raise or lower the device for your comfort. Choose a stand that clamps onto your device or one with a media tray. Our catalog contains numerous types of stands so you can find the best fit for your needs. Options include: 

  • Tripod stands: Stands with a tripod base. 
  • Desktop stands: Stands with a flat, weighted base.
  • Wall mounts: Hardware to hang a screen on the wall. 
  • Clamp mount stands: Stands that clamp onto a desk or microphone stand. 
  • Ring light stands: Tripod ring lights with a clamp for your device.

A Stand for Any Purpose

These days, our electronic devices are critical to our work. Whether you’re a musician, DJ, music instructor, production crew member, studio technician or influencer, it helps to have your device at eye level. Gator offers a diverse selection of stands for numerous purposes. Use our computer, laptop, tablet, phone and projector stands for: 

  • Music performances: Mount a phone or tablet to your mic stand or keyboard stand to display lyrics, chords or setlists. 
  • DJ sets: Mount your laptop beside your deck to keep your files within arm’s reach. 
  • Studio management: Place tablet or computer stands on and around the gear performers and engineers use. 
  • Office needs: Attach your laptop to the edge of your desk and elevate it to improve office ergonomics. 
  • Content creation: Place your phone in a ring light stand for a stable, well-lit shot. 
  • Presentations: Elevate a projector to the ideal height for the screen or surface available to you. 

Why Gator?

Gator is an experienced, family-owned manufacturer committed to our customers’ needs. We show our dedication through quality designs and excellent service. Every case in our catalog features durable materials and design elements that cater to your workflow. We provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty covering moving parts and have a friendly customer service team available to respond to your concerns. Get a Gator case to experience the quality that has earned the trust of music industry professionals worldwide. 

Find a Gator Dealer

Reputable online retailers and stores worldwide carry Gator products, so find one near you to purchase a stand for your phone, tablet, computer or projector.