Recital Series

Instrument Type
Base Type
Clamp On
Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
Adjustable Stand for Cello

Recital Series Adjustable Stand for Cello

Tripod Stand for Soprano Sax

Recital Series Tripod Stand for Soprano Sax & Flugelhorn

Adjustable Stand for Violin & Viola

Recital Series Adjustable Stand for Violin & Viola

Wall Hanger for Saxophone

Wall Hanger for Alto / Tenor Saxophone

Wall Hanger for Trumpet

Wall Hanger for Trumpet

Horizontal Wall Hanger for Trumpet

Horizontal Wall Hanger for Trumpet

Wall Hanger for Trombone

Wall Hanger for Trombone

Tripod Stand for Baritone Saxophone

Tripod Stand for Baritone Saxophone

Tripod Stand for Alto/Tenor Sax with Flute Peg

Tripod Stand for Alto or Tenor Sax with Clarinet / Flute Peg Attachment


Band and Orchestra Instrument Stands

Shop online for band and orchestra instrument stands from Gator. We manufacture robust, collapsible instrument stands for brass and woodwind instruments. Find a stand online or from a Gator dealer near you to organize your home, rehearsal room or stage ensemble. 

Gator Instrument Stands

Rehearsals and recitals are long affairs, and there are times you want to set your instrument down. Placing your instrument on the floor puts it at risk and clutters the space. A stand will hold your instrument in place until you’re ready to resume playing. 

At Gator, we develop stands for various woodwind and brass instruments. Ask your local dealer about our tripod, A-frame and round-base stands for orchestral instruments: 

  • Band instrument tripod stands: Stable, collapsible stands with padded yokes or pegs, or dual-instrument stands featuring both. Rubberized feet prevent the stand from slipping. Tripod stands are available for saxophones, trumpets, trombones, flutes and clarinets. 
  • Band instrument round-base stands: Upright stands with a weighted round base for increased stability. Round-base stands are available for clarinets, flutes and other cylindrical instruments. 
  • Band instrument A-frame stand: Collapsible stands that unfold into a capital-A shape. A-frame stands feature a padded cradle for a French horn. Rubberized feet keep the stand in place. The stand reclines backward for stability. 

Why Gator Cases?

For the last decade, Gator has focused on developing equipment that makes musicians’ lives easier. Our band and orchestra instrument stands feature durable materials to maximize sturdiness, plus softer elements that treat your instrument gently. You can count on Gator for a dependable instrument stand that you’ll want by your side during every rehearsal and performance. 

Find a Dealer 

Gator has a reliable stand for most brass and woodwind instruments. Our stands are available in stores worldwide and from various online retailers — find a dealer near you online today to buy!