Stream Stand

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Silent Switch Included
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Frameworks Content Creation Desk Mount Stand

All-in-One Desk-Clamping Stream Stand with 6-Point Accessory Attachment System

Frameworks Content Creator Wheeled Stand

All-in-One Wheeled Stream Stand with 5-Point Accessory Attachment System


Multi-Point Accessory Stream Stand

Browse Gator’s catalog of multi-arm stands for microphones, computers and other content-creation devices. We manufacture sturdy stands with intuitive features that enable on-the-fly adjustment. Find a Gator dealer to purchase a content creator stand that holds multiple devices. 

Versatile Content Creator Stands

Between your microphone, camera, computer and other devices, there’s a lot to balance while you stream. Improve your workflow with an adjustable stand from Gator. We manufacture multi-arm stands with attachments for microphones, ring lights, media trays and more. 

Gator content creator stands offer the versatility and strength you need when working with numerous devices. Each stand features five or more adjustable arms that you can use for different tools and configurations. The stand and arms feature dependable materials and manufacturing. You can trust our products to support multiple devices at once, hold the positions you set them to and stand tall during the entire stream. 

Desk-Clamping Stream Accessory Stands

Choose a desk-clamping stream accessory stand to fix your gear in place. Our desk-clamping stands keep all your tools close by so your setup is ready for you when you’re ready to go live. The clamp is sturdy so you can trust it to stay in place and hold your valuable devices. Desk-clamping content creator stands are ideal for your primary setup but offer the versatility to relocate when necessary.

Wheeled Stream Accessory Stands

A wheeled accessory stand is a streaming tool that moves with you. These stands feature durable casters that roll smoothly along flat surfaces and lock into place. Place the rolling stand beside you at your desk or in front of you while you stand so your tools are right where you need them. You can roll your wheeled stand around the room to have a convenient streaming setup from any location. 

Why Gator for Your Streaming Needs?

At Gator, we know a smooth desktop workflow helps streamers keep their audiences engaged. We develop useful products that make it easier for you to do what you do best — create. Our multi-arm stands are reliable and versatile. You can use them in dozens of ways and trust them for streams of any length. We have dependable attachments for devices of all types and sizes. Solving your unique challenges is our top priority, so choose Gator for streaming gear. 

Find a Dealer 

A Gator content creator stand will enhance your workflow and give you confidence that your valuable devices are safe while you stream. You can find our products worldwide in stores and through online retailers. If you’re ready to add a multi-arm stand to your streamer toolkit, find a dealer to see where our products are available.