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All-in-One Podcast and Streaming Stands

Browse Gator equipment for podcast recording and livestreaming. Gator is your source for sturdy, versatile stands that hold microphones, laptops, ring lights, cameras and other tools you use to create content. Our equipment for streaming and podcasting will streamline your recording process, so find a dealer to buy yours. 

Gator Multipurpose Stands for Podcasting and Streaming

At Gator, we manufacture podcasting and streaming stands with tools for every recording session. Our equipment for podcast recording and livestreaming offers the strength and versatility you need. 

Each stand features a sturdy metal frame and a tight clamp for enough strength to hold multiple devices simultaneously. Our stands’ adjustable arms allow you to position your microphone, ring light, camera and more in the ideal spot. 

Keeping your gear on a stand frees desk space so you can control your stream or podcast more easily. Shop with a Gator dealer to find a desktop or wheeled stand for any content creation. 

All-in-One Stands for Podcasting

As a podcaster, you’re at your best when you feel comfortable and loose. A stationary desktop mic stand may tighten you up and clutter your space. Instead, use a Gator stand with vertical adjustability and a 360-degree rotation radius. Our equipment for podcasts holds your microphone from a flexible boom arm and includes additional stands for your computer, phone, tablet and more.

All-in-One Stands for Streaming

Between your streaming equipment and your other gear, there’s a lot to balance when you go live. Your desk can become cluttered quickly. Arm yourself with an adjustable streaming stand to clear desk space and hold all of your streaming equipment in place. Gator multiple mic stand holders have attachments for your microphone, camera, ring light and more. Use a Gator streaming stand to clear your head and perform at your best. 

Why Gator? 

Gator is a family-owned enterprise with over a decade of experience helping creators do what they do best. We solve podcasters’ and streamers’ workflow challenges by producing reliable, long-lasting equipment. Each content creation stand in our catalog is designed for versatility and manufactured for durability. 

There’s a Gator stand or attachment for any situation. Need an adjustable stand for your camera? We have you covered. Prefer to record from your phone? We offer that option too. Our multipurpose stands allow you to customize your workflow however you feel comfortable. Purchase a Gator streaming stand for a tool that facilitates smooth recording sessions today and for years down the road. 

Find a Gator Dealer 

A desktop or rolling multi-arm stand will make it easier to create content that looks and sounds professional. You can find Gator products online and in stores, so use our dealer locator to see which retailers carry our podcasting and streaming stands.