Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
Hardshell Case for Trumpet

Andante Series Molded ABS Hardshell Case for Bb Trumpet

Lightweight Rectangular Case for Trumpet

Adagio Series Rectangular EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for Bb Trumpet

Lightweight Shaped Case for Trumpet

Adagio Series Shaped EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for Bb Trumpet

Pro Bag for Trumpet

Allegro Series Pro Bag for Trumpet

Pro Case for Trumpet

Presto Series Pro Case for Bb Trumpet


Trumpet Cases and Trumpet Gig Bags

Shop online for gig bags and hard-shell cases for your trumpet. Gator is an experienced manufacturer developing player-first case and gig bag designs that make life as a trumpet player easier. Our products are available through online retailers and in stores nationwide, so find a dealer today. 

Gator Trumpet Cases 

Trumpets are valuable instruments. Whether you rent or own your trumpet, keeping it in good condition is a priority. A dependable case can give you confidence in your trumpet’s safety any time you take it on the road. 

Gator develops sturdy trumpet travel cases that make safe transportation possible. You can count on our cases to get your trumpet to the gig and back good as new. Our hard trumpet cases feature durable exterior materials and soft interior padding to absorb impacts without disturbing the instrument. High-quality hardware ensures our cases hold fast through travel. 

Gator Trumpet Gig Bags

As a trumpet player, you have a busy schedule. Rehearsals and performances pull you all over town, and you carry your instrument with you almost everywhere you go. A lightweight travel solution is a worthy investment for any trumpet player. 

At Gator, we combine rigid and pliable materials to develop lightweight gig bags capable of keeping trumpets secure. What’s more, we consider trumpet players’ needs to improve our gig bags with convenient features that can make all the difference. Our gig bags have space for everything trumpet players need for a worry-free rehearsal or show, plus thoughtful features that make carrying your instrument a breeze. 

Why Choose Gator Cases and Bags?

You can count on Gator for the best in quality and service. We make premier manufacturing and workmanship top priorities. 

Our trumpet gig bags and cases include a Limited Lifetime Warranty covering manufacturing defects. If you notice something off about your trumpet bag, we’ll repair it or replace it with a comparable product. Our customer service team is always available to help you choose the right case or gig bag for your trumpet and respond to any issues after your purchase. 

Choose Gator for your trumpet to enjoy every rehearsal and show knowing you have the right travel solution for your instrument and lifestyle.

Find a Dealer

Our industry-leading trumpet cases and gig bags set the standard for new players and professionals alike. You can find Gator products in stores nationwide or online through many of the retailers you trust. Find a dealer in your area today to order your trumpet case.