Amp Bags & Cases

Exterior Construction
Fitted Interior
Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
1X12 Combo Amp Transporter / Stand; Molded Plastic

Molded Mil-Grade PE Case & Stand w/ Wheels for 1X12 Combo Amps

1X12 Combo Amp Transporter / Stand; Wood Frame

Wooden Case & Stand w/ Wheels & Tow Handle for 1X12 Combo Amps

2X12 Combo Amp Transporter / Stand; Molded Plastic

Molded Mil-Grade PE Case & Stand w/ Wheels for 2X12 Combo Amps

2X12 Combo Amp Transporter / Stand; Wood Frame

Wooden Case & Stand w/ Wheels & Tow Handle for 2X12 Combo Amps

Amp Head Case; Wooden Frame

Wooden Case w/ Wheels & Tow Handle for Amp Heads

ATA Tour Case for 112 Combo Amps

ATA Tour case for 112 combo amps

ATA Tour Case for 212 Combo Amps

ATA Tour case for 212 combo amps

ATA Tour Case for 412 Guitar Speaker Cabinets

ATA Tour case for 412 guitar speaker cabinet with live in design and rear access door

ATA Tour Case for Amp Head

ATA Tour case for amp head


Amp Cases and Bags

Whether you’re hitting the road with your band or heading across town for rehearsal, a case or gig bag for your amplifier can make setup and teardown go smoothly every time and protect your expensive gear. Gator has hard-shell cases and soft-shell gig bags to fit nearly any combo amp, head or cabinet. Browse our guitar amp cases and gig bags online, or use our Case Finder to see which of our products will fit your amp.

Gator Hard-Shell Amp Cases 

Anything can happen while you’re on tour, and Gator can help you prepare for it all. Our guitar amp road cases are strong enough to withstand bumpy journeys in a trailer full of other heavy music equipment. We design hard amp cases with durable materials like molded plastic and wood to protect your amp against damage from collisions or pressure. 

What’s more, a Gator case can help you put your best foot forward at every gig. Being a professional musician is about more than the songs you play. You need quality cases that make your equipment look like it belongs to a touring musician. Impress audiences, venue staff and label scouts when you keep your amp in excellent condition with Gator cases.

Gator Soft Amp Gig Bags 

If you’re a guitar or bass player, you know that travel can damage your amplifier’s exterior lining and hardware. A soft-shell amp bag is a dependable transportation solution when you need protection and mobility. 

Gator produces bags for combo amps, cabinets and heads. Our soft camp transporters feature lightweight wooden frames and nylon exteriors to keep your amp safe when traveling. 

To make life even easier, we include features like wheels and telescoping handles so that you can roll your amp to and from your vehicle. Additional features like zipper pockets will help you organize your speaker cables and other accessories, alleviating stress on gig day. 

The Leading Case and Bag Manufacturer for Your Amp

At Gator, our dedication to excellence makes a difference. We put our passion into every product to develop amp cases and bags that withstand the busiest schedules while reducing stress at showtime. You can count on us for durable amplifier transportation solutions with convenient features and a professional look.  

We bring our passionate business approach to our customer service, too. Our team will help you find the best case or bag for your amp. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that ensures your case or gig bag is free of manufacturing defects that could impact its performance.

Musicians worldwide trust Gator with their amplifiers so they can focus on giving the performance of a lifetime. 

Find a Dealer 

If you’re preparing for a long tour or a busy gigging season, pick up a Gator case to protect your amp and simplify the process of loading and unloading your band’s van or bus. Our cases are available through online sellers and physical stores nationwide, so find a dealer to see where you can buy Gator Cases products.