Utility Carts & Cart Accessories

Exterior Construction
Cart Type
Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
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Connector Gender
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Accessory Bag for Frameworks Utility Cart Handle

7-Pocket Slip-On Accessory Bag for Gator Frameworks Utility Cart Handle

Lower Deck Flat Surface for Utility Carts

Lower Deck Flat Surface for Frameworks Utility Carts (2-Pieces)

52″ Utility Cart – All Terrain

All-Terrain Folding Multi-Utility Cart with 30-52” Extension & 500 lbs. Load Capacity

52In Utility Cart – Standard

Folding Multi-Utility Cart with 30-52” Extension & 500 lbs. Load Capacity


Utility Carts and Accessories

Our utility carts help musicians, DJs, vendors and others in the entertainment industry transport gear to events. Outfit your utility cart with an accessory bag or lower deck platform to further improve your load-in process. Browse Gator utility carts and utility cart accessories online and find a dealer today.

Heavy Duty Utility Carts

A utility cart is the perfect tool for entertainers and production technicians tired of making multiple trips to and from the car. Rather than carrying your gear by hand one item at a time, load multiple heavy objects onto a utility cart and roll it to the stage.

Our heavy-duty utility carts feature sturdy steel frames capable of supporting up to 500 pounds. Each car has a flat base with U-shaped handlebars that fold up from either end. The base extends from 30-52 inches in length. Four wheels with non-pneumatic tires allow the cart to roll with ease, even over cracked sidewalks, gravel paths and lush grass. Placing non-slip tape on the base prevents your gear from sliding off.

The carts fold into a stable size so that you can always make room in your trunk. 

Best Uses for Utility Carts

Our utility carts are great for any local concert, nationwide tour, music festival, recording session or trade show. Use your cart to roll music gear like PA speakers, guitar amplifiers, drums and lighting equipment to and from the venue. You can also use your cart for water coolers, merchandise bins and other heavy items you bring to events.

Convenient Utility Cart Accessories and Storage

Maximize your cart’s functionality with our accessory options. We offer rolling cart accessories that help you efficiently pack essential gear and safely move equipment between places.

  • Accessory bags: Nylon pouches can attach to the cart’s handle. These bags feature zipper and nylon pockets to pack cables, tape, cameras, batteries, headphones, tripods and hand tools. 
  • Lower deck flat surfaces: Carpet-lined wooden panels can cover the bottom of the cart. The board prevents items from slipping off the side, falling through or scratching against the bottom of the cart.

Why Choose a Gator Utility Cart?

Gator is an experienced family-owned company that develops products that make musicians’ lives easier. Our utility carts are a convenient addition to any entertainer’s equipment arsenal. We use reliable materials and hardware to ensure our carts meet your needs and last for years.

Our dependable gig-day solutions are available worldwide in stores and through online retailers. You can find a dealer to see the nearby and online retailers that carry our utility carts.