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Acoustic Sound Treatment

Shop online for acoustic sound treatment products from Gator. Our foam panels improve sound quality when recording audio by eliminating echo and reverberation. You can find Gator acoustic panels at local music stores and through your favorite online retailers, so find a dealer to buy yours.

Acoustic Sound Panels

Acoustic foam panels offer a way to reduce echoing and reverberation in your creative space. When sound leaves its source, it travels until it comes into contact with your walls, floor and ceiling. Hard, flat surfaces reflect sound back toward the source, which causes an echo or reverb. 

Placing a foam panel in the soundwave’s path limits the amount that reflects off of the hard surface. Foam panels have absorptive properties, meaning they soak up sound and convert it to heat. Using acoustic panels in your studio or office will reduce excess noise so you can capture clear recordings. 

Our panels are 2 inches thick, measure 1 square foot and feature a 3D pyramid design. Install them on your walls and ceiling to absorb sound. We offer three distinct colors — burgundy, charcoal and red — so choose the option that best suits your room. 

Acoustic Treatment for Your Studio

Acoustic panels are great to use in any space where sound quality is a high priority. Purchase our sound panels for your:

  • Music studio: Reduce background noise while recording so the mixing engineer has greater control. 
  • Podcasting room: Achieve rich audio from each microphone by minimizing echoes and reverberation. 
  • Rehearsal space: Control the harsh high frequencies that come from cymbals and guitar amplifiers. 
  • Home theater: Catch every word from your favorite films after reducing noise interference. 
  • Office: Enjoy a more peaceful working space and ensure clear audio when taking video calls.

Why Trust Gator for Your Acoustic Treatment?

When it comes to acoustic foam, purchasing from a reliable brand goes a long way. Purchase your acoustic foam from a reputable family-owned brand with a history of customer satisfaction. At Gator, we manufacture foam panels that do the job to the highest standards. Our panels are thick enough to absorb a wide range of frequencies, and we ensure they meet ASTM-E84 testing standards for flammability to ensure your safety. 

Find a Gator Dealer Carrying Acoustic Foam Panels 

Covering hard, flat surfaces with acoustic foam panels is an important part of improving sound quality in your creative space. You can find our effective sound panels worldwide, so use our dealer locator to see which online and local stores carry Gator products.