World Percussion Bags & Cases

Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
26″ Steel Drum Case

Molded PE Steel Drum Case; 26″

Conga Bag

Padded Conga Bag w/ Adjustable Strap; w/ Wheels

Hardware / Double Bass Pedal Bag

Multi-Use Bag; 18″X 10″ X 10″

Pan Case w/ Foam & Wheels, 22″ x 11″

Black Classic Deluxe Pan Case w/ Foam & Wheels, 22″ x 11″

Pan Case w/ Foam, 22″ x 11″

Black Classic Deluxe Pan Case w/ Foam, 22″ x 11″

Upright Timbale Case w/ Wheels

Molded PE Timbale Case w/ Wheels; Upright


World Percussion Cases and Gig Bags 

Gator Cases produces hardshell cases and softshell gig bags for world percussion instruments like conga, timbale, pan and steel drums. Browse our inventory and use our case finder to match your instrument with the best travel container. 

World Percussion Cases 

Gator is a leading manufacturer of hardshell cases for world percussion instruments. Our hardshell cases are the most durable option for musicians on the road. 

These cases protect their contents behind a sturdy shell of rotationally molded plastic. Loading your drums into a hardshell case will protect the wood and delicate components as equipment shifts during transit. The hard plastic material also resists moisture, keeping your instrument safe after a spill or while loading during a rainstorm.

When Is a Hardshell Case the Right Choice for World Percussion Instruments? 

At Gator, we recommend hardshell cases when driving or flying with your world percussion instruments. Our designs can protect instruments during the most strenuous trips across your town or the entire country, making them perfect for touring musicians. The rigid shells withstand every bump on the road while maintaining a sturdy shape that packs easily into crowded vehicles. Hardshell cases are also ideal for storing instruments for extended periods. 

World Percussion Bags 

A gig bag is a lightweight alternative to traditional world percussion cases. At Gator, we develop world percussion gig bags with soft nylon exteriors. The softshell design provides enough protection for low-risk stations without additional weight, making our gig bags the most convenient option for light travel with your world percussion instrument. 

In addition to the lightweight shell, we design world percussion bags to make life easier. Features like fabric handles and shoulder straps allow you to carry your drums to and from the venue with minimal strain. Our gig bags also include zipper pockets with enough space to hold accessories like sticks, notebooks and tuners. 

When Is a Gig Bag the Right Choice for a World Percussion Instrument? 

Busy percussionists appreciate the convenience a gig bag offers. Choose our world percussion gig bags for local trips. With a lightweight build and comfortable handles, our softshell options are the easiest to carry. While a hardshell case provides the greatest protection, these nylon bags will keep your percussion instruments safe in the back of your car. You can count on a softshell world percussion gig bag for your everyday needs. 

Why Choose Gator? 

Percussionists worldwide choose Gator Cases for their drums because we produce reliable equipment that keeps instruments safe while making life easier. Over our decades in business, we’ve honed our ability to manufacture durable, convenient products like percussion cases and bags. Each product comes with our Limited Lifetime Warranty that backs our manufacturing. Go with Gator to arm yourself with a bag or case you can trust. 

Find a Gator Dealer 

Gator percussion cases and gig bags are available globally through dozens of stores and online retailers. You can use our dealer locator to find a nearby retailer carrying our world percussion cases and bags. You can also learn more about becoming a dealer