Hardware Bags & Cases

Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
Accessory Case – 45″ x 19″ x 12″

Molded PE Accessory Case – 45″X19″X12″

Accessory Case; Compact – 36″x16″x12″ w/ 2 wheels

Molded PE Accessory Case; Compact w/ Two Wheels – 36″X16″X12″

Accessory Case; Upright – 36″x16″x12″ w/ wheels

Molded PE Accessory Case; Upright w/ Wheels – 36″X16″X12″

Accessory Case;Super Compact-30″x14″x12″w/ wheels

Molded PE Accessory Case; Super Compact w/ Wheels – 30″X14″X12″

Deluxe Hardware Trap Case – 36″x14″x16″

Deluxe Molded Drum Hardware Trap Case with Removable Tray and Heavy-duty Recessed Wheels – 36″X14″X16″

Drum Hardware Bag; 13″ x 50″

Drum Hardware Bag; 13″ X 50″

Drum Hardware Bag; 14″ x 36″

Drum Hardware Bag; 14″ X 36″

Drum Hardware Bag; 14″ x 36″; w/ Wheels

Drum Hardware Bag; 14″ X 36″; w/ Wheels

Hardware / Double Bass Pedal Bag

Multi-Use Bag; 18″X 10″ X 10″


Percussion Hardware Bags and Cases 

Gator is here to help you carry your cymbal stands and other drum hardware to and from gigs with ease. Our hardware bags and cases provide ample room for your gear and have features like handles, straps and wheels to simplify transportation.

Percussion Hardware Cases 

Shop online for percussion hardware cases from Gator. Our hardware cases feature rigid materials that withstand force and pressure in packed touring vehicles. We manufacture hardshell cases using rotationally molded plastic for maximum durability. Nylon straps with plastic clips ensure a firm seal during transit. Other features like side handles, a pull-out handle and built-in wheels make the case easy to carry. 

When to Choose a Hard Case for Percussion Hardware 

A hardshell hardware case is ideal for long trips with your gear. When you hit the road for a tour, ensuring your hardware arrives at each venue in pristine condition is critical. Dents or fractures can cause anxiety when setting up for the day’s performance or change how your instrument sounds. 

Choose a hardshell case to protect your drum hardware. At Gator, we design hardshell cases that prioritize strength and durability. Our products will secure your hardware against damage from bumps that are bound to happen on the road. 

Hard cases are also the easiest to load into a touring vehicle or storage unit. Their rectangular structure will allow you to pack other gear around the hardware case easily. 

Percussion Hardware Bags 

A hardware bag is a lightweight alternative to a hardshell percussion hardware case. Rather than a rigid structure, these bags comprise flexible nylon exteriors for moderate protection. The compromise makes bags far easier to carry than other hardware travel solutions. Other features, like padded handles and shoulder straps, further enhance portability for your comfort and convenience. Enjoy plenty of room for hardware between a spacious primary pocket and a smaller zipper pocket on the front side. 

When to Choose a Gig Bag for Percussion Hardware 

Carry your percussion hardware in a gig bag when portability is the feature you need most. Our nylon gig bags are light and easy to carry, especially with user-friendly straps and handles that come standard with each model. These solutions provide enough protection to keep your hardware safe in your car’s trunk or back seat when traveling light. 

Gig bags also simplify your workflow when loading and unloading. The bags zip open and closed to provide quick access to your gear and speed up teardown after the show. Sling your hardware gig bag over your shoulder to free your hands to carry more gear on each trip to and from the car. 

Find a Dealer

With decades of experience, Gator is a family-owned manufacturer you can trust with your percussion hardware. Our hard cases and softshell gig bags will make your life easier during every rehearsal, performance and recording session. We encourage you to find a dealer to see where you can purchase a Gator percussion hardware case or bag in your area. 

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