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Keyboard Stands, Tables, & Benches

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Keyboard Stands

At Gator, we manufacture durable, convenient keyboard stands you can purchase online and in stores worldwide. Choose from options like our affordable X-style keyboard stand or our extra-sturdy keyboard tables. We have a piano keyboard stand for any full-size or miniature instrument, so find the best option for you today!

Adjustable Keyboard Stands From Gator

Gator makes reliable electric keyboard stands that cater to musicians at every level. Our stands are made of dependable materials like aluminum that will stay strong on the road and offer the simplicity you need for at-home use. Choose Gator for any of the following music keyboard stand types: 

  • Tabletop keyboard stands: With four legs for sturdiness and wobble resistance.
  • X-style keyboard stands: With two sections that fold outward into an X shape.
  • Z-style keyboard stands: Unfold into a Z shape so you can adjust the height while keeping the same width.
  • Two-tier keyboard stands: With additional brackets to mount a second keyboard on top of the first.

Accessories for Your Keyboard Stand 

Gator has everything you need for a smooth gig. Our accessories help you make the most of our stands. 

  • Keyboard stand add-on tiers: Add a third keyboard to your dual-tier keyboard stand.  
  • Keyboard table tops: Cover your X-style stand with a tabletop that provides a surface for shorter keyboards.  

Choosing the Right Keyboard Stand 

There’s a Gator keyboard stand for every musician. Browse our selection to find keyboard stands for new players and touring professionals alike. Here’s what you should keep in mind when shopping for a keyboard stand:

  • Your keyboards weight: X-style and Z-style keyboard stands will hold most standard electronic keyboards, but consider a tabletop model for heavier instruments. We also manufacture X-style stands with double brackets for added stability. 
  • Your playing style: Choose a sturdier keyboard stand if you play with a lot of force. 
  • Your keyboard’s size: Any keyboard stand can fit an 88-key. However, if you play a short-scale keyboard or use a midi-controller, you’ll need a stand that has a smaller gap between brackets. Tabletop stands are ideal for smaller keyboards. You can also use a table accessory with any X-style or Z-style stand. 
  • Whether you’ll sit, stand or both: You can adjust your Gator keyboard stand’s height. Z-style and tabletop keyboard stands to adjust vertically while maintaining the same size base. An X-style keyboard’s base will become narrower as you increase the height. 

Why Shop for Keyboard Stands With Gator? 

At Gator, we have more than two decades of experience equipping musicians at every level with the gear they need. Our durable, portable keyboard stands will rise to your needs, whether you play at home or gig all over town. We design and manufacture each stand with precision to ensure quality builds worthy of our three-year warranty that covers defects and moving parts. 

Choose Gator keyboard stands to experience the quality that the pros trust at prices any musician can afford. 

Find a Gator Keyboard Stand Dealer 

Gator keyboard stands are reliable tools you can easily transport to rehearsals, lessons and gigs. Our stands are available through many of the online stores you trust. You can also find Gator keyboard stands in stores worldwide, so find a local dealer near you to purchase yours!