Guitar Stands & Seats

Guitar Stands & Seats

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Guitar Stands

Browse Gator’s selection of guitar stands for electric and acoustic guitars. We design aluminum and maple guitar stands for gigging guitarists and at-home players alike. Our stands are stable, protective and visually appealing so you can shop online and find a guitar stand for any situation. 

Guitar Stands From Gator

At Gator, we design guitar stands for all musicians. You can find an option that meets your needs, whether you keep your instruments at home or take them on the road. Our guitar stands will hold your guitar upright and keep it safely in place while displaying its beautiful finish. Every Gator guitar stand comes with foam padding that protects the instrument’s neck and body. 

Gator guitar stands feature materials that offer both durability and a sleek look. Choose our aluminum guitar stands for a stark black finish that looks great at home, on stage or in the studio. Purchase a wooden guitar stand for a unique natural look that complements any electric or acoustic instrument. 

Shop with online and in-store Gator dealers for numerous types of guitar stands: 

  • Standard guitar stands 
  • Hanging guitar stands
  • Guitar racks
  • Rack stand cases 
  • A-frame guitar stands 
  • X-frame guitar stands
  • Seat-stand combos
  • Double stands
  • Triple stands 

Find the Right Guitar Stand for Your Needs

At Gator, we know that every guitar player looks for something different in a stand. That’s we design guitar stands for every instrument and situation:

  • Standard guitar stands: For any acoustic or electric guitar with a wide, round base.
  • Guitar racks and multi-instrument: For holding or displaying multiple guitars at once. 
  • A-frame and X-frame stands: For controlled settings where there’s a low chance of knocking the guitar over. 
  • Seat-stand combo stands: For gigging acoustic players who want a convenient stand that minimizes packing needs. 
  • Hanging guitar stands: For peak stability or for electric guitars with odd body shapes like the Flying V, Warlock, Explorer or Jazzmaster. 

Why Choose Gator for Guitar Stands

Gator is a manufacturer you can trust for dependable guitar stands that make it easy to protect your instrument. We focus on creating intuitive designs that provide the stability you need for your valuable guitars and other instruments. Our guitar stands are durable enough to meet your needs, whether you keep your guitar at home or take it on tour. You can count on our three-year warranty to back manufacturing defects and damage to moving parts. 

When it comes to protecting and displaying your instruments, Gator is the company you can trust. We develop stands for acoustic and electric guitars that many of the artists you love use every day. Our company has over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing dependable products that make life simpler for musicians at all levels. 

Find a Gator Dealer Near You 

Ready to purchase a guitar stand or rack that will meet your needs for years to come? Gator designs some of the most reliable guitar stands on the market. You can buy our products through various online and in-store retailers, so find a dealer to purchase a Gator guitar stand today!