Electric Guitar

Exterior Construction
Instrument Type
Guitar - Overall Length
Guitar - Body Height
Guitar - Body Length
Guitar - Lower Bout Width
Guitar - Middle Bout Width
Guitar - Upper Bout Width
Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
Minivault for 2 Electric Guitars

Mini Vault Guitar Case / Rack for Two (2) Electric Guitars

4G Series Acoustic/Electric Double Gig Bag

4G Series Double Guitar Bag For Acoustic And Electric Guitar With Adjustable Backpack Straps

4G Series Gig Bag for 2x Electric Guitars

4G Style gig bag for 2 electric guitars with adjustable backpack straps

4G Series Gig Bag for Electric Guitars

4G Style gig bag for electric guitars with adjustable backpack straps

4G Series Gig Bag for Jazzmaster Guitar

4G Style Gig Bag for Jazzmaster Style Guitars with Adjustable Backpack Straps

ABS Guitar Case for Fender Jazzmaster

Deluxe Molded Case for Right or Left-Handed Fender Jazzmaster Guitars

Closet Hanging Bag For Electric Guitars

Closet Hanging Protective Storage Bag for Electric Guitars

Electric Guitar Case

Deluxe Molded Case for Electric Guitars

Electric Guitar Case; Extra Long

Deluxe Molded Case for Electric Guitars; Extra Long


Electric Guitar Bags and Electric Guitar Cases

Gator designs gig bags and hard cases to fit all electric guitar models. Some options feature designs for specific models like the Gibson ES-335 or distinct body styles like Fender’s various offset guitars. Use our Case Finder tool to ensure your gig bag is right for your guitar. 

Cases for Electric Guitars

The road can be tough on your guitar, so choose a dependable hard-shell case. Gator products offer the durability you need to feel comfortable packing or storing your guitar in any setting.

Our hard-shell electric guitar cases feature durable materials like plywood and molded plastic that form a protective barrier around your instrument. We line the inside of our hard cases with foam padding that fits snugly around your guitar to absorb bumps and hold the instrument in place. The fabric interior lining is gentle on your guitar’s finish to ensure it looks great every time you take it out of the case. 

Our hard-shell electric guitar cases include features that enhance their protection and make your life as a musician easier. Each option has rugged hinges and locking fasteners that will hold your case closed during the bumpiest drives or flights. Internal storage compartments allow ample space for you to store gig essentials like straps, cables or spare strings. 

When you purchase a Gator electric guitar case, you’ll arrive at the venue with a clear mind knowing your guitar is protected and you have all the accessories you need for a great performance. 

Gig Bags for Electric Guitars 

An electric guitar gig bag is a soft-shell case made from materials like nylon, resulting in a lightweight, flexible design. Purchasing a gig bag for your electric guitar will help you make it to every rehearsal, gig or jam session with your guitar intact and your hands free.

Our guitar gig bags feature padded handles for maximum comfort while carrying your instrument. Padded shoulder straps allow you to carry your guitar like a backpack, leaving both hands free for your amplifier, pedalboard and other essentials. Durable zippers secure the guitar within the case and allow for quick, easy access when you’re ready to play.

On the inside, our electric guitar gig bags feature pads and microfiber lining to cushion your guitar while preserving its finish. Bags also include spacious interior and exterior pockets for spare strings, tuners, notebooks and other small accessories.

Why Choose Gator for Electric Guitar Bags and Cases? 

Gator is a family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience developing bags and cases that musicians at all levels love. We put our passion for quality into every aspect of creating warranty-backed gig bags and cases that protect your instrument while making your life easier. 

We have gig bags and hard cases for every level of guitar protection, so you can keep the focus on your music when traveling with your instrument. Our dedicated dealers are ready to help you choose the best case for your instrument and situation. 

Find a Dealer 

Gator products like electric guitar gig bags and hard cases are available nationwide. You can find our products online and in stores in your area, so find a dealer today!