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Guitar Gig Bags

Welcome to Gator Cases’ gig bag inventory. Browse our gig bags for guitars to find an easy-to-carry case you’ll use for every occasion that calls for your musical talents. Our gig bags feature the finest material and construction to ensure complete reliability gig after gig. Musicians at all levels count on Gator Cases for stellar gear and top-notch customer service. 

Why Choose Gator Guitar Gig Bags? 

When you have band practice or a gig on the other end of town, there’s much to be said about a lightweight, protective gig bag. A heavy-duty guitar gig bag can secure your instrument while offering the most mobility of any case option. The trick is to find a bag you can trust — and that’s where Gator Cases comes in. 

The guitar gig bag manufacturers at Gator Cases design soft-shell cases with reliable padding, rugged zippers and comfortable backpack straps. We understand what busy musicians need in a guitar case, so our bags include convenient features that make life easier. 

Musicians across the U.S. trust our gig bags to secure any acoustic or electric guitar. Our gig bag lineup has cases in numerous sizes and shapes for a snug fit specific to your instrument. With options at nearly every price point, anyone can find the right gig bag from Gator Cases. Browse our inventory for the only gig bag you’ll ever need. 

Gator’s Leading Gig Bag Lines

Gator offers some of the most protective guitar gig bags on the market. From the Pro-Go to the Transit, ICON and more, there’s a Gator gig bag to secure any guitar in any situation. Our cases are complete with microfleece interiors and protective padding to ensure your guitar stays crack- and scuff-free. Each soft case boasts features like comfortable backpack straps, rain covers and plenty of storage for your cables, capos and note pads. Speak with a customer service representative to decide between our reliable gig bags like: 


  • Pro-Go Guitar: A road-worthy gig bag with removable straps, accessory storage and a convenient rain cover. 
  • Transit: A gig bag with a sleek modern style, weather-resistant fabric and a protective rubber base. 
  • 4G: A lightweight nylon gig bag with ample storage and a unique pick clip zipper. 
  • GBEA cost-effective nylon gig bag with durable carrying straps and sturdy zippers. 
  • ICON: A semi-rigid hybrid shell adjustable with adjustable neck and body blocks for ultimate security.  

Find a Local Gator Gig Bag Dealer

When it comes to gig bags, Gator Cases is a brand you can trust. Our reliable, affordable guitar travel bags are the go-to tool for gigging musicians across the nation. You can use our dealer locator to find local shops or online stores carrying Gator Co. gig bags. 

Start Carrying Gator Cases at Your Store

Gator guitar bags are popular with musicians at all levels and can be an excellent addition to any inventory. If you’re interested in offering Gator Co. products at your store, become a dealer today! The process is fast and easy, so follow a few steps to start selling our gig bags in your community.