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TSA ATA Molded Laptop Case

TSA Series ATA Molded Polyethylene Laptop Case

TSA Projector case fits up to 15″”x10″”x5.5″”

TSA Projector case fits up to 15″”x10″”x5.5″”

TSA Projector case fits up to 18″”x18″”x6″”

TSA Projector case fits up to 18″”x18″”x6″”


Hardshell Travel Projector Cases

Browse durable hardshell projector cases from Gator Cases. Our rugged travel containers offer the highest level of protection for the bumpiest rides. We design cases for projectors of various sizes, so use our case finder to see which is best for your equipment. 

Durable Checkpoint-Friendly Projector Cases

We design our hardshell projector cases to protect your equipment while satisfying the requirements set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

To protect your projector, we use a combination of hard exterior materials and soft interior cushioning. The outside of each case is a molded polyethylene (PE) shell. The PE casing prevents damage when your projector is placed inside a storage area or collides with other hard objects. It also resists moisture permeation. The case is secured with aluminum valances and TSA-approved latches. 

On the inside, we line the case with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam to absorb shock and prevent scratches. We also include removable foam sheets to ensure a snug fit inside the case. 

Each feature meets TSA requirements so that agents can see your device as it passes through security checkpoints. Our cases provide full visibility during X-ray scans and allow TSA agents to open the latches without breaking them. 

When to Use a Hardshell Projector Case

The chances of damaging your projector are greater during some trips than others. Use a hardshell case when protection matters most. A projector shell case will secure your device, preventing damage if the case falls or collides with a heavy object. As a result, our cases are ideal when packing your projector into a vehicle or trailer alongside other large equipment. Our cases are also great for air travel due to their durability and TSA-approved features. 

About Gator Cases

Gator Cases is a family-owned business with over a decade of experience developing hardshell projector briefcases and other durable travel solutions. We meet and exceed industry standards by using dependable materials and steadfast manufacturing techniques. Each case comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to demonstrate our commitment to quality. We also back our premier projector cases with stellar customer service from representatives who want what’s best for you. Choose Gator for a product and customer experience worth your time. 

Where to Buy 

There are Gator dealers all over the world carrying our cases. You can use our dealer locator to see which stores in your area carry Gator products. We also list reputable online retailers who can ship Gator cases to your door.

If you’re interested in carrying Gator products on your shelves, become a dealer today!