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Hardshell Laptop and Projector Travel Cases

At Gator, we have hardshell travel cases for various types of computers and projectors. Browse our selection for an all-in-one desktop carrying case, laptop container or projector protector. You can find our products online and through Gator dealers worldwide. To get started, use our case finder and see which model fits your gear. 

Roadworthy Travel Cases for Computers and Projectors

Gator travel cases are excellent travel options when packing your laptop, desktop or projector alongside other heavy gear, providing: 

  • Protection: Each travel case features a durable exterior shell that shields its contents from contact damage. They also support weight to prevent damage from pressure in a densely packed touring vehicle. 
  • Space efficiency: Hardshell laptop and projector cases are easy to pack into any vehicle or storage area. Their rectangular shape and strength make these cases stackable. You can load them alongside, under and on top of other heavy gear to make the most use of the available space. 
  • Convenience: Our travel cases make it easy to carry your hardware and accessories simultaneously. The inside has space for your laptop or projector and dividers that establish room for cables and accessories. It all fits in one container that comes complete with an ergonomic handle. Some models feature wheels and retractable handles for even greater ease of use. 

Durable Features 

At Gator, we use industry-standard materials and design methods to develop sturdy travel cases for your valuable equipment. We also keep tabs on our customers and the market to know which features you need most. Our travel cases include components like: 

  • A powerful molded polyethylene outer shell. 
  • Heavy-duty aluminum valances.
  • Absorbent, removable expanded polystyrene foam pads.
  • Flight-safe locking latches. 
  • Stowaway interior compartments for cables and accessories. 

Sturdy Cases From a Dependable Brand

Computers and projectors are valuable pieces of equipment, so choose a case from a brand you can trust. For over a decade, Gator has satisfied customers’ needs with dependable cases offering high-level protection and convenient travel features. 

Gator protective computer cases feature industry-standard materials and designs at prices that compete with any on the market. We back our manufacturing with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and have a knowledgeable customer services team available to resolve any concerns you may have. 

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so choose Gator for a projector or computer case developed with your needs in mind. 

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Your desktop computer, laptop or projector will arrive at your destination safely when you travel with a Gator hardshell case. You can purchase Gator cases worldwide, so find a dealer to see online retailers and nearby stores that carry our gear.