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TSA ATA Molded Laptop Case

TSA Series ATA Molded Polyethylene Laptop Case

TSA Projector case fits up to 15″”x10″”x5.5″”

TSA Projector case fits up to 15″”x10″”x5.5″”

TSA Projector case fits up to 18″”x18″”x6″”

TSA Projector case fits up to 18″”x18″”x6″”


Hardshell Travel Laptop Cases

At Gator, we develop hardshell laptop cases for professionals traveling with their valuable gear. Our laptop cases offer the durability needed to protect a computer during any type of transport, no matter how extensive. We manufacture multiple sizes, so use our case finder to find a model that fits your laptop. 

A Protective Travel Solution for Your Laptop

At Gator Cases, we have multiple travel options for laptops. Our hardshell cases are ideal when you need lots of protection. Musicians, production companies, television crews and other professionals have a lot of heavy, valuable equipment. Whether in the studio or on the road, it’s important to protect that equipment between sessions. Laptop shell cases offer protection when loading a computer into a full trailer or storing it until the next trip. 

A laptop travel case is a protective carrier for computers. Each Gator laptop case has a hard exterior capable of guarding its contents in the storage area of any automobile or airplane. The exterior shell also supports weight so you can stack other gear on top of the case. Foam padding on the inside stabilizes the computer and absorbs shock during bumpy travel. 

Hardshell Cases for Laptops 

We design hardshell laptop briefcases with durable features that protect laptops from blunt force, scratches and moisture, plus other features that improve mobility when carrying the case. Design elements include:

  • Polyethylene plastic shells 
  • Expanded polystyrene interior foam padding
  • Removable foam sheets
  • Interior storage compartments for accessories
  • Aluminum valances
  • Locking latches
  • Injection molded handles
  • Wheels and handles on select models. 

Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Cases

Gator laptop cases meet design requirements that organizations like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Air Transport Association (ATA) establish. Our cases satisfy TSA laws and ensure the laptop is unobstructed when passing through security scanners. The latches and locks are designed to let TSA workers open them if necessary. We also meet ATA-300 requirements for exterior construction, interior cushioning and handles. 

Why Gator?

Gator offers the best in manufacturing quality and customer service. As a family-owned business with over a decade of experience, we understand what you need in a travel case and have the resources to meet your needs. Our products are highly protective and include convenient features to simplify travel. You can count on our materials and manufacturing methods for a case that will withstand even your bumpiest trips.

Find a Gator Dealer

There’s a Gator laptop case for your computer available online or in a store near you. You can use our dealer locator to see which stores in your area carry our products, plus a list of reputable online retailers.