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Computer and Projector Protective Bags

Electronics like computers and projectors are valuable pieces of equipment, so protect them when you’re on the go. Gator manufactures protective bags for computers and projectors. Our versatile equipment bags gather all of your hardware and cables into one padded container. Find a Gator dealer to purchase a soft bag for your projector or computer.

Travel Protection for Your Devices

Computers and projectors are bulky and come with multiple wires. Carrying them around can be cumbersome, not to mention dangerous for the hardware. Use a travel bag when you leave the house or office with your electronics. 

Computer and projector bags are lightweight containers that consolidate and protect their contents. A bag is a great option when carrying your equipment or putting it in the backseat for a casual trip across town. 

We design our computer and projector bags using materials like nylon, which is resistant to tearing but soft to the touch. The inside of our bags features fabric-lined foam to cushion the equipment and prevent scratches. Models for laptops and projectors include removable interior dividers that stabilize the equipment and create a second compartment for cables. 

Outside, each bag features elements like padded handles and straps so you can carry your gear with ease and keep an extra hand free. Some models include wheels and telescoping handles so you can roll your bag on any flat surface. We also add pockets for notebooks, pens, cables and other items. 

Computer Bags

Our heavy-duty computer travel bags fit various types of computers and screens. Shop with a Gator dealer to find a bag for your laptop, monitor or iMac. 

Projector Bags

Projector carrying bags have interior space for the main unit and the cables you need to get it working. A divider on the inside separates the projector from a small compartment for cables and the remote. Projector bags also feature a secondary padded laptop pocket. 

Why Choose a Gator Bag for Your Computer or Projector?

Your gear is worth protecting, so choose a bag from a manufacturer you can trust. Gator’s been implementing the greatest designs and materials for over a decade, earning the trust of music industry pros from every corner along the way. 

You can count on our bags to protect your projector or laptop against minor drops and bumps while making your life easier with convenient handles, straps and pockets. Each bag holds up well thanks to steadfast manufacturing that we back with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We always put your needs first in product design and customer service, so choose Gator bags for your electronics. 

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