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Lightweight Case for Flute

Adagio Series EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for B/C-Foot Flute

Hardshell Case for Flute

Andante Series Molded ABS Hardshell Case for B/C-Foot Flute


Flute Bags and Cases 

Gator has a travel solution for any flutist, so shop online for a protective flute case or a lightweight flute gig bag. We’re here to help you choose the right carrier for your instrument. Use our case finder to ensure your protective equipment fits perfectly. 

Flute Cases 

A flute case will protect your instrument behind a hard shell with a soft interior. Gator cases feature durable materials like an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic exterior with aluminum valances and locking chrome latches. The interior features an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam cushion with inserts for each of the instrument’s modules. We line the EPS foam with synthetic fur to protect the flute’s metallic finish. You can carry your flute case with a molded handle that conforms to your hand’s curves for a comfortable grip. 

When to Use a Hard Case for Your Flute 

If you’re hitting the road with your flute, a hardshell case is the most protective travel solution. The rugged ABS shell will protect your instrument as it shifts around a tightly packed vehicle. Since the plastic is strong enough to withstand pressure, you can stack other items on top with minimal risk. Hardshell cases also resist moisture, meaning your flute will be safe when loading and unloading the vehicle on rainy days. Choose a hard case for your flute when protection is your priority. 

Flute Gig Bags 

Looking for a lightweight travel solution? A gig bag is the way to go. 

At Gator, we manufacture flute gig bags that are easy to carry while offering enough protection for low-risk travel. Our flute gig bags feature the same plush-lined EPS foam as our hardshell cases to secure the instrument while treating the chrome finish gently. On the outside, these carriers feature a lightweight nylon fabric. 

We also add convenient features like exterior zipper pockets, padded handles and shoulder straps. 

When to Use a Gig Bag for Your Flute 

Busy musicians know that carrying a flute around town is easier with a reliable gig bag. Choose a flute bag from Gator when bringing your flute along during local travel. Musicians use our flute bags for trips to school, lessons, rehearsals and recitals. The EPS foam interior and nylon exterior offer enough protection to keep your flute safe in your backseat or trunk. 

Why Gator?

Gator offers premier quality and customer service. With decades of experience in the industry, we maintain a commitment to producing quality cases and ensuring customer satisfaction. You can count on us to deliver a case or bag that meets your needs, plus a Limited Lifetime Warranty to support our manufacturing. Go with Gator for the products and services that earn the trust of musicians at every level, from beginners to renowned professionals. 

Find the Closest Gator Dealer 

Gator hardshell flute cases and softshell flute bags are available to purchase through online retailers and in stores worldwide. There’s a Gator Cases dealer in your area, so use our dealer locator tool to see where you can purchase our flute products. You can also become a dealer — start by filling out our form.