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Lightweight Case for Clarinet

Adagio Series EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for Bb Clarinet

Hardshell Case for Clarinet

Andante Series Molded ABS Hardshell Case for Bb Clarinet


Clarinet Carrying Cases and Bags

At Gator, we manufacture clarinet cases that provide the levels of protection and convenience you need. Our hard clarinet cases will secure your instrument on the road or in storage. Soft options are easy to carry and feature numerous accessory compartments. Beginners and professionals alike trust Gator cases to protect their instruments, so browse our selection online and find a dealer near you to purchase your next case. 

Gator Clarinet Cases and Bags

Whether you’re a professional concert clarinetist or a student, you’ll need a reliable way to transport your instrument to rehearsals, recitals, lessons and other musical events. Gator has many clarinet carrying cases that you can purchase for your instrument, depending on your needs. Choose a hard-shell clarinet case when protection is your priority or a soft-shell gig bag when portability is paramount. We carry several clarinet case and bag sizes, so use our Case Finder to choose the right one for your instrument. 

Hard-Shell Clarinet Cases 

Clarinet cases feature shells made from materials like plywood and molded plastic. The durable outer material will protect your instrument from bumps as the case slides around or comes into contact with other hard items. Hard-shell options offer more protection than backpack clarinet cases.

The inside of our hard clarinet cases features a plush cushion with detailed cutouts for each piece of your clarinet. The cushion consists of foam lined with a microfiber fabric for a snug fit that’s gentle on the instrument’s finish. 

Most hard clarinet cases feature a carrying handle, an aluminum valance and lockable metal latches.

Soft Clarinet Bags

A soft clarinet gig bag is a lightweight carrier with a nylon exterior. The inside of these bags features the same foam and plush fabric as our hard cases. 

Our soft clarinet bags also offer unique convenience features like pockets and straps. Additionally, we design our soft clarinet bags to feature numerous storage compartments on the inside and outside. These options have handles with rubber grips, as well as D-Rings for shoulder straps.

Buy Gator Clarinet Cases and Bags

Gator is a family-owned business with a passion for meeting musicians’ needs. We develop carrying case options that will give you peace of mind so you can focus on performing at your best. Our cases and bags are touring staples for many of the artists you love because we prioritize quality in every design. We offer our clarinet cases at stores worldwide, so find a dealer and purchase a Gator case today!