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Hardshell Case for Baritone Sax

Andante Series Molded ABS Hardshell Case for Eb Baritone Saxophone


Baritone Saxophone Band and Orchestra Cases and Bags

Browse our selection of bags and cases for baritone saxophones. At Gator Cases, we develop baritone saxophone orchestra cases and bags for all musicians. Our cases and bags offer the protection and convenience you need whether you’re a young student or a seasoned virtuoso. Choose a baritone sax travel solution that fits your instrument and accommodates your lifestyle, then find a Gator dealer to purchase it. 

Cases and Bags for Baritone Saxophones 

Gator offers musician travel solutions for any situation. Why? Because every musician is unique, and so is every gig. Some days, you’ll want a lightweight carrier that helps you get to your rehearsal or lesson with little stress. Other times, you’ll want a heavy-duty carrier that will protect your instrument from bumps or collisions with heavy objects in your car. Go with Gator to prepare for it all. 

Baritone Saxophone Bags

The baritone saxophone is a fairly large instrument. It can be a lot to carry around, especially if you keep it with you while walking to class or across the city. Baritone saxophone orchestra bags are ideal for your everyday needs. The Allegro Series of baritone sax bags is a soft tote with handles and straps for maximum mobility. These bags also include pockets to help you consolidate your gear in one place for peak convenience. 

Baritone Saxophone Cases 

If your baritone saxophone falls over, drops or bumps into something heavy, the collision could damage the body or keys. Baritone saxophone orchestra cases are ideal when protection is the top concern. We develop baritone sax cases with rugged exteriors that shield your instrument behind a durable layer of armor. The inside features plush-lined padding for shock absorption and a gentle touch on the sax’s finish. Choose the lightweight Adagio Series, sturdy Andante Series or premier Presto Series. 

Why Gator? 

For more than 15 years, Gator has developed cases and bags with an eye for the features that truly matter to musicians. We offer a diverse selection of bags and cases so you can choose the best option for your lifestyle and budget. Our manufacturers craft each case and bag with care to provide a lasting travel solution. Our mission is to help you perform your best by minimizing stress from travel, so choose a Gator bag or case for your baritone saxophone. 

Find a Dealer 

Gator’s baritone sax band bags and cases are dependable travel options for various situations. To purchase a bag for light travel or a case for major trips, find an online or local dealer today.