What is Rotomolding and What Can You Make With It?

Rotomolding, formally known as “rotational molding” is the thermo plastic molding process that is best used for creating large container like products, such as coolers and containers. 

In order to create a product using the rotomolding process, a  hollow mold filled with material, ideally resin that is from a natural source and has never been used before. This is is known as “virgin”material. The hollow mold is then heated and slowly rotated, causing the softened material to expand and stick to the walls of the mold.


What seperates the good rotomolders from the great is their ability to handle the product and process past this point. While most molders will only mold, fewer do assembly. Those that can assemble will take the mold that was formed from the first step of the process and begin forming and adding to that mold. The possibilities here are endless as shown in the photo below.


*Shown above: One of Gator’s Rotomolded rack cases with built-in carry handle and butterfly secure clips and one of Gator’s rotomolded “G-Bone” pedal boards*

If you are interested in rotomolding or starting a project requiring rotomolding, make sure your manufacturer has the after-molding capabilities to see your project through from beginning to end. 

Gator is the leader in custom roto-molding manufacturing and is one of the few Roto-molders based in the U.S.

What makes Gator unique is its superb ability beyond the molding process. While most molders will only mold, fewer do assembly, and hardly any have the warehousing, 3PL and Drop Shipping capabilities in-house. Not only does Gator rotationally mold customers’ products, they can add significant cost value with their ability to assemblewarehouse and distribute or drop-ship product.

Gator offers custom rotational molding and houses three rotational molding machines.

Gator has virgin to 100% reprocessed resin options, along with color and other additives. Gator provides low-cost mold making options, internal machine shop capabilities, virtually unlimited assembly, design capabilities and engineering support, and full-service Warehouse/Distribution/Shipping capabilities on-site

Gator’s manufacturing capabilities are endless and include but are not limited to the following:

To find out more about Gator and our capabilities, visit gatoroemsolutions.com