Customize your Content Creation Space with Gator Frameworks
New ID Series Creator Tree Accessories

Tampa, FL – Gator Frameworks expanded its creator series with the addition of new Creator Tree Accessories to further enhance and customize your set-up to exactly your needs.  
Following up on the successful launch of the all-in-one modular Creator Tree, Gator Frameworks has now introduced more accessories to further optimize your content creation space. 
“These latest additions to the Creator Tree ecosystem provide a new level of customization and user-design,” said Casey Keough, Senior Director of New Product Development. “I am truly excited to see all the innovative ways content creators will personalize their space.”

These accessories allow for a myriad of personalized set-ups (click here to see examples). Build your custom space using the accessories below:   

Gator Frameworks ID Series Creator Tree Accessories are available now online or at your local retailer. Browse here.