I bought this case for my Cordoba Cadete 3/4 size Classical Guitar. It’s a perfect fit. There’s no extra room for the guitar to bounce around while traveling. The quality of this case is excellent. I would give it five stars (*****).

I also bought this case to keep my guitar humidified, so I purchased two of the guitar manufacturers humidifier pods. This case allows them to fit perfectly, one just above the accessories box on the bottom of the case and the other one just above the heel of the guitar vertically. They mount with Velcro, so I had to use my beard trimmer to shave down the plush lining where the humidifiers mount. With this addition, I can keep my guitar from drying out and cracking in my very dry house. This case is solid with rugged hardware. I feel safe to travel anywhere with the guitar in this case. If you’re looking at buying one of these cases, the inside dimensions are available on this site. Make sure your guitar is slightly smaller than the inside of the case. If you do this you won’t be unhappy with your purchase. Oh, by the way, the price is excellent too!