With the huge and ever increasing pedal market offering up new models faster than you can keep up with players have been more and more focused on their setups and keeping them together. The fascination and need for a usable pedal layout has lead to many new pedal board designs and makers to accommodate a range of setups and layouts. Gator have long been making cases so pedal boards don’t seem to much of a stretch with the Mega Bone pedal board giving you room for up to approximately ten stomp boxes, depending on your setup, as well as including a daisy chain and power supply to get you started.

Theres plenty of square and rectangle boards on the market both flat and angled coming in solid designs be it bars, flat with risers, handles or a multitude of other looks. Curved in a kind of layout Gator have gone for something a little different with the Mega Bone with the premise being it wraps around your feet for easy access and comfortable use. The middle section would hold perhaps three or four pedals with the two ends being larger sized sections and able to hand volume pedals, wahs and larger effects. It could also provide two rows of smaller pedals and the fact that its slightly curved/angled means you could still reach the back row without interfering with the pedals down front too much. Made out of Polyethylene the mega bone is light and maneuverable yet still feels pretty rigid and should hold up to plenty of gigging. Keeping the player in mind Gator have also included a 9v daisy chain styled power supply which can power quite a range of pedals meaning you can get started almost straight away. Obviously anything finicky or with specific power needs will require something different but thats the deal right across the board (pun intended!). The whole thing comes in a lightweight carry bag thats more than enough for throwing in the back seat and taking to gigs or putting on your shoulder for rehearsal.

Pedal board users will be familiar with the setup idea of hook and loop tape/Velcro for securing your effects to your board. This option generally proves pretty secure and is a good medium between fully securing your pedals which can be a pain if you re-jig your setup often (like many of us do!) so you can tinker with your chain and then stick them to your board, wire it up and you’re away. The curved design is a nice spin on the traditional rectangular board shape and it does give a feeling of closeness and being surrounded by your effects, perhaps also giving some added angle and access to a few spots you might not have previously considered.

Guitarists and bass players never seem to tire from talking, playing and tinkering with pedals and that has always then lead into the pedal board dilemma of size, shape, flexibility. With its ease of use, interesting design, included power supply and carry bag the Mega Bone might be the solution you’re looking for. Easily adjustable, simple to get started and tough it ensures hours of effects chain experimentation and playing.