TV & Video Display Covers

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65″ LCD screen cover

Nylon Cover for LCD & Plasma Screens; 63″ X 40″ X 6″


TV and Video Display Covers

Protect your TV during travel with a Gator display cover. Our nylon TV covers drape over screens up to 65 inches to prevent scratches and deflect moisture. You can find Gator plasma screen covers worldwide when you find a reputable online retailer or store carrying our products.

Protect Your Display Screen During Travel

A TV screen is a valuable part of your display at trade shows, conferences, concerts and other events. When you travel with your TV, you run the risk of damaging it in the car or while moving it into the venue. A display cover is a lightweight protection solution.

At Gator, we design TV covers that help vendors and performers feel confident when traveling with their TVs. Cover your TV when loading it into your vehicle to prevent other items from searching its surface. Then, keep the cover on as you load the screen into the venue to protect it against minor bumps in crowded spaces or moisture on rainy days. Our covers also feature light padding to prevent cracks.

Nylon Protective Covers for TV Screens

Our protective covers for TVs are fabric sheets that drape over TV screens, covering the top and all four sides. We construct these covers using heavy-duty nylon to prevent scratches and keep water off of your equipment. Tricot fabric on the inside is gentle on your TV screen.

Each cover features a zippable opening in the back so you can cover your screen without removing it from the mount. We also include an exterior pocket for the TV’s remote and cables.

Beyond surface-level protection, our protective covers include features that prevent damage from light collisions. We pad the inside of our covers with 10-millimeter foam. Choose a Gator TV cover for a dependable, lightweight travel solution. 

Why Get Protective Covers From Gator? 

Gator develops reliable products that help music industry professionals overcome the challenges of traveling with expensive gear. Our display covers offer dependable cosmetic protection at a competitive price. Parts like zippers qualify for our Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can trust our covers to hold up for your entire event schedule.

We earn the trust of performers and vendors worldwide through thoughtful designs, quality manufacturing and helpful customer service, so choose a Gator protective cover for the full experience.

Find a Gator Dealer 

You can find a protective cover for TVs of all sizes through a trusted local or online Gator dealer. Before your next trade show or performance, find a dealer to see where you can purchase a Gator display cover.