Speaker & Speaker Stand Covers

Speaker & Speaker Stand Covers

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Speaker Covers

Shop online for Gator’s speaker covers and speaker stand covers. We manufacture protective fabrics and carry pouches that resist moisture and surface damage on your way to and from gigs. You can purchase our speaker covers and speaker stand covers through various online and in-store outlets, so browse our inventory to find the right one for you. 

Covers for Speakers and Speaker Stands 

Your PA speakers have a significant impact on your sound and appearance. Safely transporting your gear to and from gigs is critical if you want to sound and look your best on stage. At Gator, we design protective covers for speakers and speaker stands that will preserve your equipment. 

Our speaker covers are stretchy fabric bags that you can pull over speakers to protect them from moisture, dust and debris. We include a nylon carrying pouch with each speaker cover for ease of transportation and extra protection. We also offer nylon speaker bags with cutouts that leave the speaker’s handles exposed for you to grab. 

Gator speaker stand covers are nylon sheets that you can wrap around your stands and speaker cables while they’re set up. The sheets cover the stands for a tidier look that will improve your on-stage appearance. 

Why Cover Your Speakers?

Your speakers face numerous risks when traveling to and from gigs. Water from a rain storm could damage the outer shell or interior electrical components. Other hard gear in your vehicle could damage the speaker cabinet’s structural integrity. Purchase a speaker cover to protect your valuable equipment every time you hit the road.

Gator speaker covers offer the protection you need to trust that your equipment will arrive safely. Use our covers to eliminate pre-gig stress so you can focus on your performance. We improve our speaker covers with features like carrying bags or handle cutouts so that you can carry your speakers just as easily when they’re inside their protective fabric. 

At the end of the day, your speakers are an investment in your sound and you need them for every gig. Purchase a speaker cover to get peace of mind that your gear can power through minor mishaps. Gator produces the most dependable speaker and speaker stand covers, so purchase a set online or through a nearby store today! 

Choose Gator for Speaker Covers 

When it comes to protecting and carrying PA speakers, Gator is the brand that musicians at every level trust. We manufacture reliable speaker covers with convenient features that will help you load in quickly and safely. Our speaker and speaker stand covers will have your back gig after gig.

We provide dependable warranties to back our manufacturing quality and connect you with a new cover if something goes wrong. Your speakers deserve the best, so go with Gator to protect them on the road. 

Find a Gator Speaker Cover Dealer

Gator’s fabric and nylon covers for speakers and speaker stands are available worldwide through online and in-store retailers. Please use our dealer locator tool to see where you can purchase covers you can trust with your speakers.