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Speaker Cases

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PA Speaker Cases

PA speakers are heavy and delicate pieces of equipment. If you’re in a band or operating a live sound production company, it’s helpful to have a tool that ensures safe, hassle-free transportation of your PA speakers. Gator Cases manufactures hard speaker covers with wheels that prevent impact damage and make it easier to move your system from place to place. Check out our catalog of PA speaker boxes below or use our Case Finder tool to pinpoint the right case for your speakers. 

Why Go With Gator Cases for Your PA System?

You spent a lot of money on your PA speakers, and you need them to be ready for every gig. Buying a case is a wise decision, especially when you choose one from a manufacturer you can trust. At Gator, we pull out all the stops to develop PA speaker cases that are worth every dollar. Choose Gator Cases for benefits like: 

  • Dependable protection: The materials we use to design cases are strong enough to withstand hundreds of gigs. 
  • Diverse options: Every musician is different, so we develop PA speaker cases to accommodate multiple speaker sizes and budgets. 
  • Excellent mobility: Hauling your PA system is easier than ever with a case featuring rugged wheels and padded handles. 
  • Reliable construction: We take great care when building cases to ensure they’re ready to hit the road. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty can get you the necessary repairs or replacement if you notice a manufacturing or workmanship defect. 

Our Hard Cases for PA Speakers

Gator Cases are tough enough for the busiest gigging schedules with mobility features that make shows easier. Browse our speaker covers to find the right one for your system. 

G-Tour Speaker Cases

The G-Tour series features a number of durable cases for speakers of various sizes. Your speakers will be safe behind a durable plywood shell with a strong aluminum valance, twist latches and ball corners that work together for a sturdy build. The cases feature four caster wheels with two that lock. With these features combined with spring-loaded rubber grips, moving your G-Tour case from your vehicle to the stage is a breeze. 

GPA PA System Cases

The GPA series offers a lineup of dependable PA speaker cases for bands on a budget. These hybrid cases feature lightweight wood wrapped in nylon for a transportable case that’s strong enough to endure wear and tear. We include features like webbed carrying handles, wheels and a retractable handle for optimal mobility. Additionally, a removable divider is available to separate your speakers. 

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A dependable speaker case is a must-have tool for any traveling band or live production crew, and Gator Cases fit the bill. There are plenty of reasons to go with Gator Cases, from quality construction to improved mobility and excellent customer service. Our products are available through online stores and local retailers throughout the nation, so find a dealer near you!

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