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Podcast and Recording Cases and Bags

Browse Gator’s catalog of cases and bags for audio recording equipment. Our podcast and recording travel solutions offer the protection and portability you need when taking your show on the road. Whether you’re the host and producer or a sound technician for hire, Gator gear will help you have a smooth recording session. Find a dealer to buy a case or bag for your recording equipment.

Need help determining which bag or case is right for your specific loadout? You can use our case finder to see products for your make and model. 

Travel Options for Your Equipment

There’s a lot to consider when taking your gear on the road, and the details can change your approach. Some days, you’ll have a quick trip across town and feel safe putting everything in the back seat. Other times, you’ll have a heavy load and want to protect your equipment from bumps and collisions. At Gator, we make travel solutions for every circumstance. Browse our catalog to find a hardshell case or lightweight travel bag for: 

  • Mixing boards
  • Headphones 
  • Microphones
  • Hand-held recorders

Hardshell Cases for Podcast and Recording Gear

Hardshell podcast gear cases are durable containers made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic. The outside acts like a plate of armor that deflects damage, resists moisture and supports weight. Rugged latches hold the case together to keep the contents secure. On the inside, we include foam with cutouts that fit your gear. The microphone case foam absorbs shock, protecting the gear inside during bumpy rides. Hardshell cases are the most protective option for heavy ground and air travel. 

Protective Bags for Podcast and Recording Gear

Soft podcasting gear bags are lightweight nylon pouches that zip shut. The inside features protective foam to protect your gear from minor drops and collisions. A softshell podcasting bag is the ultimate light travel solution due to its fabric handles, adjustable shoulder strap and exterior storage pockets. Choose a softshell bag when carrying your gear on foot, packing it as a carry-on or stowing it in your back seat. 

Travel Confidently With Your Recording Tools 

With Gator, your gear will be ready when you want to hit record. Pack your podcasting equipment into our cases or bags for the best in protection or portability. We design each product with a purpose and see it to fruition. You can count on our cases to keep your podcasting gear safe and our bags to lighten your load. 

Find a Gator Dealer 

Gator microphone cases offer premier protection while microphone bags are a convenient portability solution. Purchase the gear you need for your situation at a Gator dealer near you. You can find Gator equipment solutions worldwide through shops and online retailers, so find a dealer today!