Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
Tom Bag; 14″ x 10″

ICON Tom Bag; 14″ x 10″

Icon Floor Tom Bag; 16″ x 14″

ICON Floor Tom Bag; 16″ x 14″

Icon Floor Tom Bag; 16″ x 16″

ICON Floor Tom Bag; 16″ x 16″

Icon Floor Tom Bag; 18″ x 16″

ICON Floor Tom Bag; 18″ x 16″

Icon Tom Bag; 13″ x 9″”

ICON Tom Bag; 13″ x 9″

Icon Tom Bag; 13″ x 10″

ICON Tom Bag; 13″ x 10″

Icon Floor Tom Bag; 14″ x 12″

ICON Floor Tom Bag; 14″ x 12″

Icon Floor Tom Bag; 14″ x 14″

ICON Floor Tom Bag; 14″ x 14″

Icon Floor Tom Bag; 15″ x 12″

ICON Floor Tom Bag; 15″ x 12″


Tom Drum Cases and Tom Drum Bags

Gator manufactures dependable tom cases and bags for every situation. Choose a gig bag for peak mobility or a hard case for optimal protection. Our drum bags and cases come in various diameters to fit any floor tom or rack tom, so browse our selection or use our Case Finder tool to find the right one for yours.

Hard Cases for Tom Drums

Your drums are your top tools. Dropping a tom from a high surface or having something heavy crash into it could do some damage. Fortunately, Gator produces durable hard-shell cases for drums.

Our products hold rack and floor toms within a durable shell that protects them from collisions and pressure. The molded plastic exterior will protect your drums against the ups and downs of traveling for a long-distance gig or multicity tour.

We include foam strips on all four interior walls to protect the tom’s frame and head while ensuring a snug fit. A rugged strap and clamp hold the case together to keep your drum safe inside. Our hard cases also feature padded carry handles for a comfortable grip.

Gig Bags for Tom Drums

Drummers know that hauling their kit to gigs and rehearsals is a part of life. You pack your toms into the car for dozens of trips each year, so you need a carrying option that’s both convenient and protective.

Gator makes drum bags for toms that zip open and closed in seconds. These nylon soft-shell cases offer the moderate protection you need when moving your kit to and from your vehicle. 

Our lightweight bags feature padded straps and handles so even your bulky floor toms are easy to carry. The inside of each bag features soft padding and lining to protect your tom and its finish. Pockets on the outside offer plenty of room for your tom’s hardware. When you return home after your rehearsal or gig, you can easily collapse your drum bag to store in the closet or under the bed.

Why Gator Cases?

When you choose Gator for your toms, you’ll have the peace of mind you need for an amazing gig. 

Gator is a trusted manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience designing products that rise to meet your everyday needs as a musician. Our gig bags provide reliable tom protection while making them easier to carry so transportation is a breeze. Meanwhile, our hard cases offer enough durability for long road trips in a crowded van. 

We match our manufacturing quality with stellar customer service. You can contact us or use our convenient online tools to find the right case at a dealer near you. 

Find a Dealer

Drummers of all styles and skill levels love Gator tom bags and cases, including many of the pros you know and love. Want to see why they continue to choose our products? Find a dealer and buy a Gator tom bag or case today!