Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
Snare Drum Bag; 13″ x 3″

ICON Snare Drum Bag; 13″ x 3″

Snare Drum Bag; 12″ x 5″

ICON Snare Drum Bag; 12″ x 5″

Icon Snare Drum Bag; 10″ x 5″

ICON Snare Drum Bag; 10″ x 5″

Icon Snare Drum Bag; 14″ x 5″

ICON Snare Drum Bag; 14″ x 5″

Icon Snare Drum Bag; 14″ x 8″

ICON Snare Drum Bag; 14″ x 8″

Icon Snare Drum Bag; 14″ x 5.5″

ICON Snare Drum Bag; 14″ x 5.5″

Icon Snare Drum Bag; 14″ x 6.5″

ICON Snare Drum Bag; 14″ x 6.5″

Icon Snare/Tom Bag; 12″ x 7″

ICON Snare/Tom Bag; 12″ x 7″

Icon Snare Drum Bag; 13″ x 5″

ICON Snare Drum Bag; 13″ x 5″


Snare Drum Bags and Snare Drum Cases

Some situations call for high-level protection — others call for premier mobility. Gator has a snare drum travel solution for both. Shop our collection of snare drum gig bags and hard-shell cases. Our products are available in stores and online, so find a dealer to purchase yours. 

Drum Cases for Your Snare 

A snare drum is more delicate than other drums. Along with the drum’s shell and heads, the snares and snare strainer need to arrive in working condition for every rehearsal or gig. You can protect your snare drum by choosing a hard case from Gator.

At Gator, we design hard snare drum cases that protect your instrument. Our products feature molded plastic that’s hard enough to prevent damage from collisions and resist pressure from heavy objects. On the inside, we include foam padding on all sides to cushion the shell, protect the heads and secure the snares. A rugged strap wraps around the snare and fastens with an aluminum latch to ensure the drum stays in place during bumpy rides. 

Gator snare cases are either round or square. A round case matches the drum’s shape for excellent stability. Square construction allows for extra padding in the corners and makes the case more compatible with other items when packing. Each type of case is available in numerous sizes to fit snare drums of different diameters. 

Gig Bags for Snare Drums

Buy a Gator snare drum bag to protect and carry your instrument. This product is an excellent option when you want to prioritize mobility. These bags are available in numerous sizes and price points. 

Gator snare bags are soft-shell cases with nylon exteriors that will protect your instrument from damage in low-risk situations. Our bags zip open and shut so you can easily access your instrument for a faster load-in. 

We design these products for mobility with fabric handles and straps. You can easily carry your snare in one hand or over your shoulder with both hands free. Some snare bags feature spacious exterior pockets to transport everything you need for a successful gig.

Our snare bags’ interiors feature foam padding and soft lining to protect the shell and its finish. This material will keep your snare safe from bumps and low-height drops as you travel to and from music sessions. Many of our snare bags are collapsible, so you can quickly stash them in the closet or under the bed when you return home. 

Why Choose Gator Cases for Your Snare?

Gigs, lessons, rehearsals, recording sessions and jams are easier with Gator on your side. Musicians at every level trust us with their instruments, even the pros you know and love. Our snare drum gig bags and cases receive acclaim from drummers because we put their needs first in every aspect from product design to customer service. Choose a Gator drum bag for the protection and convenience you need to play at your best. 

Find a Dealer 

Ready to purchase a gig bag or case for your snare drum? Our cases are available in stores worldwide, so use our dealer locator to find one near you. For help finding the right case for your snare drum, use our Case Finder tool to see options that fit your make and model.