Bass Guitar

Exterior Construction
Instrument Type
Guitar - Overall Length
Guitar - Body Height
Guitar - Body Length
Guitar - Lower Bout Width
Guitar - Middle Bout Width
Guitar - Upper Bout Width
Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
4G Series Gig Bag for 2x Bass Guitars

4G Style gig bag for 2 bass guitars with adjustable backpack straps

4G Series Gig Bag for Bass Guitars

4G Style gig bag for bass guitars with adjustable backpack straps

Acoustic Bass Guitar Gig Bag

Economy Gig Bag for Acoustic Bass Guitars

Acoustic Bass Guitar Lightweight Case

Rigid EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for Acoustic Bass Guitars

Bass Guitar Case

Deluxe Molded Case for Bass Guitars

Bass Guitar Deluxe Wood Case

Deluxe Wood Case for Bass Guitars

Bass Guitar Gig Bag

Economy Gig Bag for Bass Guitars

Bass Guitar Lightweight Case

Rigid EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for Bass Guitars

Bass Guitar Road Case

ATA Wood Flight Case for Bass Guitars


Bass Hard Cases and Bass Gig Bags

Shop online for hard cases and gig bags for your bass guitar. Gator products are available in stores and through online retailers, so find a dealer to buy yours. 

Durable Hard Cases for Your Bass Guitar 

Hard-shell bass guitar cases protect instruments from blunt force, pressure and abrupt temperature changes while exuding a professional appearance. Gator’s hard bass guitar cases offer the best protection and style. 

Materials like molded plastic and plywood create a strong vessel that deflects hard objects and supports heavy items that may stack on top of the guitar. On the inside, foam cushions and microfiber lining absorb shock and protect the instrument’s finish. Gator bass cases are available in numerous vintage and modern styles. Our products provide the durability and professional look you need for successful gigs. 

What’s more, we design our hard-shell bass cases with convenience in mind. Each product features internal compartments you can use to pack your gig essentials. Locking metal latches on the outside ensure your case is easy to open when you need your instrument and stays tightly shut when you don’t. 

Lightweight Gig Bags for Your Bass Guitar 

Whether you’re a bassist with a busy gig schedule or a hobbyist whose instrument rarely leaves the house, having a safe, convenient way to transport your instrument is always a plus. Bass guitar bags offer the flexibility you need with a layer of protection.  

A gig bag is a soft-shell case for your bass guitar that zips open and closed. These lightweight cases have padded handles and straps so you can carry your bass comfortably. Wearing your gig bag as a backpack leaves your hands free to hold other items.

These products feature interior padding that fits snugly around your instrument to absorb shock and prevent movement. We line the interior padding with soft microfiber fabric that’s gentle on your bass’s finish.

Our bass guitar gig bags also feature multiple spacious storage compartments on the inside and outside. Pockets offer plenty of space for your capo, tuner, picks, notebooks and spare strings.

Buy the Right Hard Case or Gig Bag for Your Bass

Gator is here to help you find the right case or bag for your instrument. Browse our site to find a bass guitar bag or case that fits any standard-size model like the Jazz bass, P-Bass, Thunderbird, violin-style bass or any other body type. We also have options for short-scale bass guitars. You can use our Case Finder tool to choose the best option for your specific model. 

Why Choose a Gator for Your Bass? 

Gator is a bass guitar case and gig bag manufacturer musicians have trusted for over 20 years. We develop convenient travel solutions with intuitive features that help you make the most of every gig or rehearsal. We back our products with a dependable Limited Lifetime Warranty to give you complete peace of mind. Purchase a Gator bass case for the quality that world-famous artists trust to store their instruments. 

Find a Dealer Near You 

Browse our online selection to find the perfect hard-shell case or soft-shell gig bag for your bass guitar — then find a dealer near you to see where you can complete your purchase.