Acoustic Guitar

Exterior Construction
Instrument Type
Guitar - Overall Length
Guitar - Body Height
Guitar - Body Length
Guitar - Lower Bout Width
Guitar - Middle Bout Width
Guitar - Upper Bout Width
Cable Length
Silent Switch Included
End Orientation
Connector Gender
Connector Type
12 String Dreadnought Guitar Lightweight Case

Rigid EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for 12-String Dreadnought Guitars

12 String Dreadnought Guitar Wood Case

Hard-Shell Wood Case for Dread/12-String Guitars

12-String Dreadnought Guitar Case

Deluxe Molded Case for 12-String Dreadnought Guitars

3/4 Sized Acoustic Wood Case

Hard-Shell Wood Case for 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitars

4G Series Acoustic/Electric Double Gig Bag

4G Series Double Guitar Bag For Acoustic And Electric Guitar With Adjustable Backpack Straps

4G Series Gig Bag for Acoustic Guitars

4G Style Gig Bag For Acoustic Guitars With Adjustable Backpack Straps

4G Series Gig Bag for Classical Guitar

4G Style gig bag for classical guitars with adjustable backpack straps

4G Series Gig Bag for Mini Acoustic Guitars

4G Style gig bag for mini acoustic guitars with adjustable backpack straps

APX-Style Guitar Case

Deluxe Molded Case for APX-Style Guitars


Acoustic Guitar Bags and Acoustic Guitar Cases

Every acoustic guitar player is different, and so is every gig. Browse the Gator inventory to find an acoustic guitar travel solution for every situation. Our acoustic guitar gig bags hard cases are available at a dealer near you.

Acoustic Guitar Bags

At Gator, our experts craft soft-shell cases for dreadnaught, cutaway and classical guitars that hold the instrument tight and allow for easy transportation. Gig bags are soft inside and out for high portability and a moderate level of protection. Durable zippers will secure your instrument safely inside the bag. Interior and exterior pockets provide storage space for all your must-have gigging accessories. 

When Is a Gig Bag the Right Choice? 

A gig bag is the ideal solution when you need to pack light. Use an acoustic guitar gig bag when traveling in a small vehicle or walking across town for rehearsal. The loft, lightweight design offers the greatest mobility at times when you know the risk of damaging your instrument is low. 

Acoustic Guitar Cases 

Browse our site for a diverse selection of acoustic guitar hard cases. Whether you’re making a trip across town or starting an international tour, we have a case for your needs. Our hard cases feature durable exterior shells with soft interior lining to protect your instrument. There’s a Gator case for any acoustic guitar body style, so use our Case Finder tool to see which line is best for your guitar. 

When Is a Hard Case the Right Choice? 

Acoustic guitar cases offer the highest level of protection for your instrument. Use a hard-shell acoustic guitar case when packing your instrument into a crowded vehicle or closet. The case’s hard exterior and plush interior lining will protect the instrument against damage from bumps and falls. Plus, the case is strong enough to hold weight on top if you need to stack gear. 

Why Get a Gator Case? 

At Gator, we manufacture acoustic guitar gig bags and hard-shell cases that players across the nation trust. Our designers go the extra mile to craft cases with stellar protective components and must-have features for convenience. On top of it all, Gator offers premier customer service from representatives who know acoustic guitars. You can contact us online for help selecting the right case for your instrument or to learn more about your case’s warranty

Find a Dealer

Gator gig bags and cases for acoustic guitars are available through stores and online retailers throughout the United States. Browse our hard-shell acoustic guitar cases and soft-shell acoustic guitar bags, then find a Gator dealer to place an order.