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Guitar Cases

Every guitarist knows the value of a durable, protective case. The guitar cases from Gator Cases earn the trust of guitar players around the nation. Each case features rigid exterior materials and durable components that keep guitars safe and secure on the road. Browse our online inventory to see tour-worthy products from the leading guitar case makers at Gator Cases. 

Why Go With Gator? 

Busy guitar players need resilient gear that protects their instruments on the go. Gator Cases guitar cases are strong, durable and easy to take with you for any gig, practice or jam. Your instruments deserve the best, so order from the industry’s best guitar case manufacturer. Guitar players worldwide choose Gator Cases to benefit from:

  • The most reliable build: We construct our guitar road cases with durable outer shells, soft interiors and sturdy latches so that your instrument will make it to and from every gig as good as new. 
  • Convenient features: Our cases feature spacious interior storage compartments to hold your cables, tuner, spare strings and more. 
  • Top-tier mobility: Each case features lightweight construction and a rugged handle to make load-in effortless. 
  • Options for any player: We build hard cases to match the unique shapes of various acoustic and electric guitars. Plus, our cases are available at different price points for any player’s budget.

Leading Hard-Shell Case Lines

At Gator Cases, we’re proud to be the guitar case manufacturers players trust for events ranging from local gigs to nationwide tours. Our guitar case inventory has an option for any player, and our customer service representatives are here to help you find the perfect model. Choose from our top acoustic and electric guitar case lines like: 


  • TiTANA military-grade NK-7 resin shell with a spring handle and power claw latches. 
  • TSA Guitar: Molded polyethylene cases with soft-grip handles and TSA latches. 
  • G-Tour GuitarA rectangular ATA-style road case for electric guitars.
  • JourneymanIvory burlap cases with velvet interiors and antique hardware.
  • Deluxe Wood: Stylish wood cases with classic stitching. 
  • GWE: Dependable wood cases that form to guitars of any shape. 
  • GC GuitarABS hard-shell case options for all guitar styles. 
  • GL GuitarOur hybrid shell case with backpack straps and exterior storage pockets.  

Find a Gator Guitar Case Dealer in Your Area

Ready to buy a professional-quality guitar case you can trust for every show, rehearsal or jam? Gator Cases produces gig-worthy hard-shell guitar cases for any player. You can use our dealer locator to find an online seller or local shop carrying our cases. Our stellar customer service team is here to help you find the right case for your guitar so you can shop with confidence. 

Want to Become a Dealer? 

Gator Cases are player favorites that always move fast. Online retailers and guitar shops across the nation partner with us to bring high-quality cases to their music scenes. If you’re interested in carrying top-end guitar cases at your store, you can become a Gator Cases dealer by following a few easy steps.