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Journeyman Mandolin Deluxe Wood Case

Deluxe Wood Case for Mandolin; Journeyman Burlap Exterior

Mandolin Case

Deluxe Molded Case for Both A and F Style Mandolins

Mandolin Lightweight Case

Rigid EPS Polyfoam Lightweight Case for Mandolins


Mandolin Cases and Bags

The mandolin is a beautiful instrument, but its small size reflects how delicate it is. Traveling with your mandolin can put it at risk of damage. Fortunately, a reliable case or gig bag can keep your instrument safe whether you’re touring the country or commuting across town for rehearsal. Gator Cases makes mandolin cases for A- and F-style instruments. Use¬†our Case Finder tool¬†to ensure your new case is the right fit for your mandolin.

Hard Mandolin Cases 

A hard mandolin case is the ideal choice when traveling in a crowded vehicle or storing your instrument. The risk of physical and environmental damage is the highest when traveling with your mandolin, so choose a case built for maximum protection. 

Our hard cases for mandolins feature sturdy exterior materials like molded plastic and wood. The outer shell will protect your instrument if something bumps into it or it falls. Hard cases are also strong enough to stack when packing your touring van or putting your mandolin into storage. 

A layer of foam padding inside your case will hold your instrument in place and absorb shock. To complete our mandolin cases, we include features like rugged grip handles and aluminum valances. 

Gig Bags for Mandolins 

A mandolin gig bag is perfect for short trips across town. Whether you’re leaving the house for rehearsals, lessons or gigs, you’ll need a travel solution that’s easy to carry but offers enough protection against minor incidents. Our soft mandolin bags are built for convenience while prioritizing your instrument’s safety.¬†

Gator mandolin gig bags feature soft nylon exteriors and padded interiors that are easy on you and your instrument alike. Our mandolin bags also have user-friendly straps and handles for increased portability. Your mandolin will fit snugly in your gig bag, which rests comfortably in your hand or over your shoulder. We also include interior and exterior storage pockets for your pick, capo, tuner and other necessities. 

Why Go With Gator for Your Mandolin?  

Your mandolin is a valuable instrument, so choose a case from a company that musicians trust. Gator Cases has been in business for decades. When manufacturing our high-quality products, we keep musicians’ needs in mind to ensure our cases offer reliable protection and make life on the road easier. Each case or bag features rugged, reliable materials capable of withstanding your busy gig and rehearsal schedules. What’s more, we back our products¬†with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, covering manufacturing errors and material defects.¬†

Find a Dealer

Gator’s mandolin cases and bags offer the durability and convenience you need for safe transportation everywhere you play.¬†Choose Gator for a case that can help you keep the great music coming.¬† We’re happy to partner with hundreds of retailers and online sources to bring our cases to your community, so¬†find a local dealer¬†today. Whether you choose a hard case or a soft gig bag for your mandolin, you’ll receive a protective solution that keeps your instrument in good condition.¬†