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Silent Switch Included
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Black Gt Bag For Reso, 00 & Classical Guitars

Transit Series Resonator, 00, and Classical Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag with Charcoal Exterior

Journeyman Resonator Guitar Deluxe Wood Case

Deluxe Wood Case for Resonator Guitars; Journeyman Burlap Exterior


Gig Bags and Cases for Resonator Guitars 

Gator Cases manufactures gig bags and hardshell cases for resonator guitars and dobros. We offer a broad range of travel solutions to give musicians the right blend of durability and mobility depending on their needs. Use our case finder to pair your instrument with a gig bag or case. 

Resonator Cases 

We build hardshell resonator cases for premier durability when taking your instrument on the road. Our cases include features that protect instruments against drops, collisions and moisture while enabling stacking in tight vehicles. Trust your resonator in a hardshell case with durable elements like: 

  • An acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic or plywood exterior.
  • Interior expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam padding.
  • Plush lining.
  • Aluminum valances.
  • Molded plastic handles.
  • Locking latches. 

When Is a Resonator Case the Right Fit? 

Extensive touring takes its toll on resonator guitars, so choose a case capable of protecting your instrument. Our hardshell cases for resonators offer premier durability when traveling with your instrument. You can pack your dobro into your touring van with confidence that it will survive every bump along the way, even when stacking other gear on top. 

A hardshell case is also the best choice when storing your instrument during your time off. The sturdy valances, latches and hard exterior will secure your instrument against environmental fluctuations, preserving its wooden and metal features. 

Resonator Gig Bags

Looking for a transportation solution that makes your life easier while keeping your instrument safe? Choose a resonator gig bag from Gator. Our gig bags feature dependable EPS foam padding that will protect your instrument’s most intricate components. We complete these gig bags with lightweight yet durable materials that offer premier protection and mobility. Each gig bag features a flexible nylon exterior that you can trust in low-risk situations. 

Additional features like rugged zippers, exterior pockets and padded straps solidify our gig bags as a convenient choice for your resonator. 

When to Use a Gig Bag

Pack your resonator in a gig bag when convenience is key. We design gig bags that cater to the busiest musicians. Each bag comes with intuitive features gigging musicians use to streamline their processes. We recommend using a gig bag for rehearsals, lessons, performances, recording sessions and jams when you know there is minimal risk of significant damage. These lightweight bags will keep your instrument safe while helping you carry it with ease. 

Choose Gator for Your Resonator Guitar 

At Gator, we manufacture cases and gig bags worthy of your dobro guitar. Our cases and gig bags include features that protect your instrument while catering to your lifestyle. We’ll help you find the right travel solution for your needs whether you gig around town or tour worldwide. You can trust our manufacturing to withstand your busy schedule, and we provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind. 

From musician-first designs to premier customer service, you can always count on our family-owned business to equip you with a dependable case or gig bag. 

Find a Dealer

Our resonator cases and gig bags are available worldwide. Use our case finder tool to see which online outlets and nearby stores carry our gear.