5/8″-27 Ball-and-Socket Head Mic Stand Adapter-GFW-MIC-BALLHEAD-MT
5/8″-27 Ball-and-Socket Head Mic Stand Adapter-GFW-MIC-BALLHEAD-MT
5/8″-27 Ball-and-Socket Head Mic Stand Adapter-GFW-MIC-BALLHEAD-MT
5/8″-27 Ball-and-Socket Head Mic Stand Adapter-GFW-MIC-BALLHEAD-MT
5/8″-27 Ball-and-Socket Head Mic Stand Adapter-GFW-MIC-BALLHEAD-MT
5/8″-27 Ball-and-Socket Head Mic Stand Adapter-GFW-MIC-BALLHEAD-MT

5/8″-27 Ball-and-Socket Head Mic Stand Adapter


Ball-and-Socket Head Mic Adapter with Fine Tune Angle Adjustment

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  • Ball-and-Socket Head Mic Adapter with Fine Tune Angle Adjustment
  • Provides Confident Mounting Solution for Challenging Mic Positions
  • Ball-and-Socket Head Tilts 90-Degrees & Pans 360-Degrees with Dual Position-Lock Knobs
  • Locks Securely at Desired Angle with Textured Interior Surfacing for Extra Grip Strength
  • Great for Miking Guitar Amps, Drums, Overheads, & Similar Applications
  • 5/8”-27 Threads (Female) to 5/8”-27 Threads (Male)
  • Product Dimensions: 1.9”/48mm (L) x 1.5”/38mm (W) x 1.1”/28mm (H), Net Weight: 0.21 lbs./0.1 kg

Mic placement is everything when capturing audio. Whether it’s having to navigate a complicated arrangement of cymbal boom stands to hit that nearly impossible angle on a drum kit or achieving that perfect mic position for your next podcast guest, you’ll want a mic adapter that provides the confidence and durability for any application.

The Ball-and-Socket Head Mic Adapter by Gator Frameworks is the fine-tune angle adjustment solution for any miking situation – drum kit overheads, getting underneath a snare drum, tight angle on your guitar cabinet – you name it! Stop hurting your hands screwing and unscrewing that dreadful lock nut found on most threaded mic adapters just to get your mic tightened at the desired spot. With its 360-degree pan and 180-degree tilt, the GFW-MIC-BALLHEAD-MT provides all the adjustment you need.

Product Specs
  • UPC: 716408560236

Length 0.01"

Width 0.01"

Height 0.01"

Length 1.90"

Width 1.50"

Height 1.10"

Weight 0.21 lbs

Length 6.50"

Width 5.31"

Height 6.50"

Weight 2.65 lbs

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Product Testimonials


“Gator cases are by far the best in the business. It puts my mind at ease knowing that my in-ear monitor system is protected while I’m on the road, thanks to Gator’s high-quality components and the heavy-duty build on my Titan Series Utility case.”

“I love the Pro Go line for touring but for day to day gigs, lessons and sessions the Transit series is what I go with.”

Eric Brewer