Gator Cases’ Fret Mutes a Game-Changing Guitar Accessory

Tampa, FL – The number of guitarists has boomed worldwide in just the past year and a half. No matter if they are new to the instrument or not, guitarists are searching for a great way to take their playing to the next level. Enter Gator Cases’ game-changing guitar accessory, the Guitar Fret Mutes.
Guitar Fret Mutes are unique as they give guitarists an option for suppressing overtones and sympathetic resonance of open strings during certain guitar techniques.

“The most important reason why someone would use a Fret Mute is to clean up their playing when doing technical runs like tapping and sweet picking,” said Gator Artist Thomas Griggs, a rising guitar superstar who has been seen touring with Intervals. “Even if you have correct technique, I found that it will not always be perfect, especially in recording scenarios. Fret Mutes are extra security for every player.”

Gator’s Guitar Fret Mutes deliver what precision players crave, a solution for silencing the buzzing sound encountered when utilizing advanced playing techniques, like two-handed finger tapping and similar approaches. As if lending you an extra hand to mute the open strings, the Fret Mute suppresses any unwanted overtones and resonance to keep your recordings and live performances sounding as clean as possible.


Fret Mutes offer a small and compact design, making them the perfect accessory for a gig bag or guitar case accessory compartment. To attach the fret mute, wrap it directly over the fretboard at any position on the neck or move it just above the nut. The stretchy fabric and hook-and-loop strap allow end-users to set and lock the preferred amount of dampening, giving them total control over placement and pressure. The Fret Mutes come in four different sizes and will fit an array of neck widths, from 4-string basses and 6-string electrics to 12-string basses and oversized stringed instruments. 

The fret mutes are available in small, medium, large and extra-large to fit various guitar necks. They come in a (1) pack or (3) pack and are protected by Gator’s lifetime warranty. 

Gator’s Guitar Fret Mutes are available for purchase here.
View Gator artist Thomas Griggs’ testimonial video below or click here.
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