12 space Pop Up Rack Case (GMIX-12PU-TSA) review by Kern Ramsdell of Home Recording Weekly

When it came to location recording, and I mean locations other than my home studio, I had a problem that needed to be solved. My expensive gear needs to be protected. Things get knocked over, sit on, leaned on, and beer gets spilled. I was at risk of loosing knobs, scratching, denting, and just plain ruining my rack mounted gear. That problem has been solved, rest assured, thanks to Gator Cases and their GMIX-12PU-TSA.
It is a well known fact that gear (not properly protected in a case) can get damaged. Gear will fall off of the stage, a table, or even a bar. Drinks get spilled, people will lean on it, dance on it, and knock it over as they pass by. I have lost expensive gear and too many knobs and dials to list. I think those days are now long gone, thanks to the GMIX-12PU-TSA from Gator cases.

I had a metal table top rack. This rack was cheap to purchase, and worked just fine in my home studio. However, I am starting to venture out of the home studio to take care of some entry level audio work. My rack mounted gear is now leaving the safety of my home, and traveling here and there. Beginners and long time professionals alike need to take care of their gear. Besides our know how, our gear is the tools of the trade that help us to make money and keep clients happy. We need to protect it at all costs. In my case, pun intended, thank goodness for the GMIX-12PU-TSA from Gator cases.
Gator case 4sm
I use a small mixer, headphone amp, recording interface, power conditioner, rack mounted pull out drawer for a laptop, and a few other goodies in my recording chain. I do interviews, YouTube videos, podcasts, and soon, location recording. But the type of work that you do does not matter, you need to protect your gear investment. The table top rack I had was just great. I could place it next to me, on a table or desk, and that was that. I still have it, but it is broken down, taken apart, and packed away. But, just like every other success story that you will ever hear, the next step (in making income with audio) is leaving your home studio to record. This is where our precious gear gets damaged.
Gator case 3sm
I needed to transport my mixer and a few rack mounted pieces to the venue. I also wanted to quickly set it up, and then get at the connections with the same speed and precision. I was thinking that being able to see the gear, perhaps at an angle other than flat or vertical would be nice too. The GMIX-12PU-TSA from Gator cases permitted all of these wants, and made moving the gear about easy too. Not only is my expensive gear safe, but it sets up in seconds flat, and I can angle it to many different angles with a quick grab of the strap.
Gator case 1sm
Their is a long list of cool features found in the GMIX-12PU-TSA from Gator cases, and I would like to tell you what they are.
The top hinged cover of the GMIX-12PU-TSA from Gator cases actually comes off the rack once to allow it to open up most of the way. The inside of the cover is padded as to never damage your rack mounted gear, but instead protect it to its best possible ability!
Gator case 5sm
The main carrying handle is very comfortable. If you are able to carry the loaded case like a brief case, then you will like the way it allows for long carries without hurting your hand. I think that are just great touch, as most cases are not comfortable to carry over long distances. There are two TSA approved clasps that open and close easily, and quickly. One of these clasps lock, and you get two keys for your case.
Their are also two more normally closed handles, one on each side of the case. These make moving a heavy case a snap, especially if you have a helper. The entire case is solid as any case that I have ever encountered, and will serve you well for a very long time to come. As long as you continue to have a need for a case, Gator will continue to provide that much needed protection. Head over to Gator cases and check out all of the other cases and products that they make. They make some great cases for video and photography gear, pedal boards for your coveted effects, and so much more.

Gator case 8sm

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