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Studio Furniture

Build your dream studio with Gator. We’re your source for recording studio furniture that will optimize your workflow and make your space a more comfortable place to create. You can find everything from desks to rack sidecars, keyboard furniture, monitor stands and more through an online or local Gator dealer. Browse our catalog to see the music studio furniture we have to offer.

Furniture for Your Recording Studio 

Gator studio furniture offers storage and workspace improvements for any recording environment. Whether you’re building a professional studio or assembling your dream home recording space, Gator has beautiful furniture that will improve your workflow. Our products enhance any space used for music, podcasts and audio-based content of all forms. Browse our catalog to find desks, shelves, stands and other furnishings that will help you perfect your recording and mixing processes:

The Perfect Blend of Style and Function

There are a couple of essential qualities for any home studio. You need surfaces and storage areas for your equipment, and you need the room to inspire you to create. At Gator, we design our furniture to ensure a smooth workflow and look professional. 

Our furniture allows you to make the most of your available space by providing dedicated spots for rack gear, keyboards, speakers and more. Each piece features a beautiful wood finish and elegant features that will look amazing in your studio. Fill your room with our furniture to find your inspiration and create a professional space for your collaborators and clients to enter. 

Style and function are both important aspects of a recording studio, so purchase Gator furniture that gives the best of both. 

Why Gator for Your Studio Furniture?

At Gator, we dedicate ourselves to quality and functionality. Every piece of furniture we offer features sturdy materials put together by manufacturing experts who bring our intuitive designs to life. Our studio furniture helps creators stay organized and look professional. We think critically about the qualities that go into an effective studio environment to ensure our furniture is a seamless addition to your workflow. With a wide range of options available, there’s a piece of Gator studio furniture for almost any scenario. 

Find a Gator Dealer

Recording your music and perfecting your mix is easier in a comfortable, organized studio. Purchase home recording studio furniture from a Gator dealer near you. Our studio workflow solutions are available online and in stores, so find a dealer to see your best options.