Cargo & Utility Cases

Cargo & Utility Cases

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Utility Bags and Utility Cases

Taking your equipment on the road means you’ll need a safe way to get everything to your destination. A good utility case or bag can store and secure everything you need for your set, job site or tour. Gator Cases manufactures spacious, protective utility trunks and bags that take the stress out of travel so you can focus on the job at hand. We have a case for any occasion, so browse our utility cases to find the right one for your situation. 

Hard Utility Cases 

Efficiency is key whether you’re completing a project on a tight schedule or running a smooth live show. The right utility case can get you on the road faster and save you time repairing or replacing equipment lost during transit. Go with Gator Cases for products that are:

  • Protective: Our utility cases feature durable molded plastic or wood exteriors and padded interiors to secure your equipment every time you hit the road.  
  • Durable: We construct each case carefully and provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty to cover your replacement or repairs if you notice a problem with the manufacturing. 
  • Spacious: Our cases come in various sizes and feature various storage options like dividers and trays to fit anything you’ll need at your destination. 
  • Professional: Carrying your gear in one of our utility cases can allow you and your crew to look like the experienced professionals you are. 

Soft Utility Bags

Carry your gear in a soft-shell utility bag from Gator. Our utility bags feature nylon on the outside and foam padding on the inside. We offer numerous sizes so that you can bring anything you need, including microphones, audio interfaces and wireless monitor systems. With padded shoulder straps and handles, carrying your gear to the gig is easier than ever. 

Why Choose Gator?

At Gator, we’ve manufactured dependable carriers for music equipment since 2000. Our dedication to quality products and excellent service empowers us to provide premier equipment and a stellar experience for every customer. We also back each case and bag with our Limited Lifetime Warranty to ensure your peace of mind that your purchase will meet your needs gig after gig.

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The right utility case from Gator can make all the difference when you hit the road. You can find our products in stores across the nation and through many common online retailers. Find a dealer near you today!